House Rules

We’re doing these already, but I wanted to get them down in writing so that it’s clear to everyone.
Dissipate Energy
Dissipate energy only works against energy damage to Wounds. It has no effect against vitality damage or stun weapon attacks. Also, the DC for the Fortitude saving throw is “10 + damage dealt,” not just “damage dealt”.
If a character hit by a stun attack makes his or her Fortitude save, the character is unaffected by the stun attack and takes no damage. A character who fails the Fortitude saving throw is unconscious for 1d4+1 rounds. This ruling includes characters in the area of effect for a stun grenade. This supersedes the rules in the SWRPG-RCR.


  1. Sort of seems like there should be possible cumulative effects. Something like: If you make your save by 2 or more, fine. If you make it by 1 then further saves within an hour or so are at +1DC. Too much bookeeping?

  2. Probably too much bookkeeping, but maybe a simple cumulative DC penalty for each cumulative stun hit that you take — and just have the penalty wear off after awhile.
    I keep thinking of the stun in the Vorkosigan books that practically no one stays up during. Star Wars stun has never been that potent (speaking in terms of the game — there’s only ever been one instance of it in the movies), but it seems as though, no matter who you are, you’re going to go down if I shoot you enough times…
    Then again, that’s simulated well enough by the fact that eventually everyone rolls a crappy save.

  3. It would be nice if we could leave the saving throw as just the damage inflicted so we could actually get some use out of this feat. With a simple blaster crit, if they roll average damage we are talking about a dc save of 21, max damage of course would be dc 28, I can barely make that if I roll a 20 on my save, and that’s at 7th level. Also the fact that this only applies to energy sources also limits it’s usefullness, case in point, look at the black and blue jedi in the corner. Granted that the majority of damage we are taking is from energy sources. But if that’s the way you want to handle dissapate energy, would I be allowed to reselect my level 6 feat, as this would make the feat not worth it?

  4. I see your point about the DC, but I don’t think it’s strong enough. At just ‘straight damage’, the DC’s are ridiculously easy, especially considering that you’re talking about a characters who’s a minimum of 6th level.
    Granted, this way it’s much more useful for Guardians than Counselors, but since the only use of this we see is Vader, I suppose that works out.

  5. This only matters if I’m taking a stun bolt. When Keema is shooting people she doesn’t use stun. heh

  6. Actually Guardian’s and Counselor’s Fort saves are precisely the same. Guardian’s have Reflex, while Counselor’s have Will. But needless to say, I will reselect the Feat.

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