Mashup: Body Snatchers

Population: One: Monday Mashup #2: Body Snatchers
I say: Body Snatchers/Nobilis.

This would be more of a one-shot for a number of reasons: partly because I’ve never seen either version of the movie and partly because the concept doesn’t warrant a full campaign.
The idea of Body Snatchers, as I understand it, is that people are being duplicated, their clones being grown in big plant-pods.
Excellent: sounds like a Nobilis plot to me. Set up an Excrucian Redoubt hidden away somewhere on Earth — team up a strategist with a warmain. The Warmain is going out and fighting Nobles, but tends to flee after first blood. He then hies back to the secret locale and the strategist extracts the DNA and spiritus dei that have been been mystically collected by the Warmain’s weapon, injects into a mystical type of… I’m picturing something between a Venus Flytrap and the Queen Alien from Aliens.
Wait a few days and out pops a plant pod. The result is something that acts and performs almost identically to a Deceiver-shard, except that invoking the name of the Power that’s been copied has No Effect on the Pod Power’s actions.
(This would work pretty well with a group that has been playing long enough to encounter Warmains, Strategists, AND Deceivers, so that they’d start to notice that the behavior they’re witnessing (Warmain’s fleeing a battle, etc) was quite abnormal.)
Hmm… not a bad idea, all in all.