“My hero bares his nerves along my wrist”

Without prelude or explanation, my Spycraft character.

Maxwell Smart is one of the best
Right. Been done.
Now I’m a double agent for the CIA, where my handler is a man named Michael V–
OW! Okay! Jeez…

Dylan MacEvitt (born Dylan Thomas McEvitt) has a natural gift for understanding people. Even when he was young, Dylan saw through the facades and phantoms that people hang around themselves as a way of concealing their true motivations.
Unlike many people with a natural gift, Dylan went out of his way to hone the ability with practice and study in related fields, graduating Redlands University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a desire to do something substantial with his knowledge and native talent. He spent the next year traveling and investigating possible applications for his training and (after an unsettling experience in Atlanta) had settled on pursuing a Master’s degree in Criminal Psychology when his life changed dramatically.
The Agency recruited him at twenty-three. Two agents from that clandestine organization had been peripherally involved in the events in Atlanta and reported Dylan’s involvement in their debriefing — after preliminary investigations, the clear concensus was to recruit MacEvitt before someone else (inevitably) did.
Dylan took to espionage work with the enthusiasm. A natural leader, MacEvitt uses his talent for reading people in a number of unorthodox ways… most notably when attempting to cajole a superior into making allowances for his team (when necessary), or in undermining the confidence of enemy agents with a few careful chosen words. (Conversely, he has a similar knack for bolstering a teammate’s effort a critical moments.)
MacEvitt is no super-agent: he’ll be the first to admit that he at his best when surrounded by people (either allies or enemies), but his gift for profiling and manipulation have made him a valued member of the Agency’s lower echelon. Were it not for a handful of minor citations for insubordination (he is fiercely and sometimes foolishly loyal to his team, even in the face of his superiors) he might have already progressed even further within the organization.


  1. Still working for that Dylan – boys name angle I see.
    Nice write up.

  2. Very nice, I like the idea of a agent that isn’t a spec ops freak of nature. 😉

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