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Guide to gaining XP and/or getting rid of Debt on CoH:

So, you’re sick of being stuck down at at a level you don’t have to take both shoes off to count to, and you want to be up there playing with the big boys.
Or, conversely, you’ve just come off of a bad Task Force experience (or otherwise had bad luck on your missions) and want to get rid of that nasty brown stain on your level counter so you can once again make rapid progress toward that next level and the shiny new superpower that comes with it.
Or maybe you’re reading some thread about why powerlevelling stinks or why Kora Fruit missions should be nerfed and you just don’t understand any of it. Or you heard someone refer to “dual-boxing” and don’t know what it means, or want to know why buying pre-levelled characters from eBay is so bad.
Well, in any of these cases, this guide is for you. I’m going to explain what powerlevelling is, why some people hate it, why others do it, and so on. I’m going to lay out a few common-sense techniques I’ve observed for accruing XP and/or dropping debt without ticking other people off–including a section on tips for getting through the mid-40s-to-50 grind. And I’m going to go over the known “illegal” methods of power-levelling–not because I condone them, which I most certainly do NOT, but because everyone should know what they are and why they are so bad.