CoH — the week’s update

As noted on RandomWiki | CityOfHeroes, in the last seven days…
Hyperthermian hit 44 during (as predicted), the first Shadow Shard TF (which I’ve done up an updated checklist for). This *would* have wrapped up on Thursday, except for Kin-player’s unexpected convalescence, so we took time time on Thursday night to work on the Unveiler badge (defeat 100 Fake Nemesis bots — we’re about 75% done) and finished up a key RP scene with them on Friday night that’s been languishing for nigh on a month. All in all, lots fun stuff there. Time to get them back on their contacts and see what we do there… we owe Malcalypse a trip to visit Bobcat.
Strategist is still in Croatoa, mostly, barring a few trips to help folks out in other parts of the city. Finished up a scene with him last night that’s been… REALLY hard to write, and we got it going a direction that worked a lot better for me.
Lightborne Epitaph dinged 13, 14, 15, and 16. The first two dings came from just doing groups with people in his SG (Phoenix Guard) and regular ol’ missions… 15 and 16 came during the Positron TF that we ran with a good-sized group on Saturday night and Sunday morning, about which I’ve more to share in another post. Picked up the “Resist Energy & Negative Energy” shield at 14, which ended up being EXTREMELY helpful fighting the Clockwork and Circle of Thorns throughout the Task Force. Level 16 was boring old Health, but to make up for it, 18 will be Incandescent Strike (a melee-range, omg-the-damage! hit that’s also a HOLD! Woo!). I’m enjoying both the gameplay of this character, and the plot stuff going on with him. Much fun. Only downside is I’m constantly forgetting his ‘actual’ Hero name, so I’ve just taken to calling him John. Anyway.
Shade Dancer dinged 13. Fun to RP, somewhat frustrating AT. Looking forward to running Positron with Her/Him, with a cool group — would be a whole lot of fun.
And that’s it: two TF completions, five level dings, and two important scenes completed, with some cool stuff coming on the RP horizon for a number of charactes. Really cool week.
Kaylee likes the Peacebringer sounds — she doesn’t like the Warshade sounds.


  1. Who will hit 50 first, Scorpia or Syn? Answer: the one who’s hasn’t been stuck in a kidnapping plot for two weeks extra due to the forums going up and down like a teetertotter.

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