Training Room stuff

Now Testing in the Training Room
Link has the full list as of 9/16. Below, stuff I actually care about:

* Acrobatics had a bug in which for 1/4 of a second it offered no knockback resistance. This has been corrected.
I was wondering about that.
Added Damage Resistance Inspirations (Reduces the damage you take from an attack). 50% of defensive Inspirations that drop will be the old Defense (avoid getting hit) Inspirations, and 50% will be the new Damage Resistance Inspiration.
Huh. Very cool. I like that.
Now if there was only an attack rate inspiration… ūüôā
Made several changes to the Force Field powersets for Defenders and Controllers:
Deflection Field now has Defense to Melee attacks, in addition to its old effects.
Insulation Field now has Defense to Ranged attacks, in addition to its old effects
Dispersion Bubble now has Defense to Area of Effect attacks, in addition to its old effects

… which means it stacks up properly with SuperReflexes (it didn’t really do it right before).
Added new inherent power to Defenders: Vigilance. As a Defenders teammates lose Health, the Defender gains an Endurance Discount.
Which, as Jackie and Scorp both commented, means you get a benefit from doing your job sloppy. Meh.
Reduced duration of XP Debt protection in Resurrect Powers.
Peacebringer Quantum Flight will now impose a growing Endurance Penalty after 45 seconds of use.
Yeah… they already killed off Phase Shift, and this was super-phase-shift, so… yeah.
And this pisses me off… The Kheldian’s got a much more elegant “solution” than the stupid ‘toggle that only works for 30 seconds’ thing they did with Phase shift.
Warshade Nebulous Form will disable after 60 seconds.
I spoke too soon. I wonder if one team fixed the PBR code, and the same moron that ‘fixed’ Phase Shift worked on the Warshade power. ūüėõ
Reduced recharge time of Rest.
My Pre-20 characters will be happy.
Psychic Blast/Subdue: Increased Damage, Decreased its Recharge and Endurance Cost.
Huh. A much-maligned power, getting some love. Cool.
Crotoa: fixed holes in geometry
See, now… that one just sounds interesting.