CoH: Separate the OOC and IC

Okay, I just finished dealing with the player of Steve Sanders, reporter, about their posting up information in his last article that he couldn’t possibly know.
Find out he did this simply because someone —
Here is the problem.
1. For about week, Strat’s level 30 clothing did not include a mask.
2. I have NEVER used that costume, in game, ever. It will be months before I do, if ever, and he’s since ADDED a mask.
3. Strat’s personal relationships, IC, are completely unknown, or at the very least unsubstantiated, IC.
4. I, the player, have ONLY mentioned both the new costume and the relationship on this blog, obviously OOCly.
5. That is the ONLY place it’s ever been mentioned.
6. The player of the reporter had ‘someone’ send him this OOC info as IC info for the article.
This is impacted the two players mentioned in the article and, more to the point, pisses me off.
I don’t know who sent it in. I don’t care.
Knock it off.


  1. I swear it wasn’t me. And I’m sorry that he outed you IC.
    Though I’m going to have fun imagining what Strat would do IC to Steve Sanders for his reveal. I have this feeling, from other stories, that our pal Strat’s got some aggression to work out against pesky reporters.

  2. Point is, he wasn’t outed IC. He was outed OOC, in that impossible-to-know info was given to him, and he reported it as IC info.
    And I’m now being told that the player behind Steve Sanders is quitting the thread anyway.

  3. I get what you’re saying, but I think it’s a shame that Sanders isn’t going to keep going, but being more careful in the future about confirming sources, etc. (And checking with characters OOC)

  4. The things I miss when I never check the forums. What is / was this? Some sort of super-hero gossip column or something?

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