Seven Days

HT and Scorp have a puppy. Lots of fun RP stuff for Scrorpia with that — I haven’t had time to do much with it, since my online time’s been wrapped up with other things.
Hype and Syn are about halfway through 47, and have duo’d about… three Arch Villains so far? Nemesis Rex, Countess Crey, Maurauder, and Bobcat, so… four. Each of the fights takes a lot of time (I used the Vangaurd Medal 3 times in the Maurauder fight), but we can do it. We also did Shadowhunter, but he’s at the end of a ‘defeat all’ missions that’s timed, and only and hour — we got to him with 40 minutes left, got him down to about 3/4th and he threw a self-heal that put him back up to full… so… decided we needed some help on that — we’d have beaten him, but maybe not in the time we had left — so, called in Zazi and he went down in about four or five minutes. Easy Peasy.
Did a little grouping with those two, which turned out to be a mixed blessing — Hekuba is a ton of fun, but someone else in the group managed to get on our ‘never grouping with you ever again, jack-ass’ list.
Epitaph (call me John) dinged 19 and 20 in the last week — I was very motivated to this following the Tuesday ‘bbq’ event where I had to go dressed in Epitaph’s costume instead of casual duds — it just sucks not to have some street clothes to wear. Bonus: was able to pick up Stamina at 20, which helped his staying-power during a fight quite a bit, and will be even better with a couple more slots in it.
Had a really funny scene on Saturday with Pummelcite — lots of laughter. Had the chance after that to do some work on leveling him up — picked up Rooted at 8 (Stone Armor’s anti-mez power), and got to 9… 10 is Taunt. Because I want Pummelcite (Lukacs) to be able to tank to for higher-level groups as soon as possible, I will be ignoring my Enhancement Buying Tactics and sliding down lots of influence so he can upgrade his enhancements asap, the sugar-daddy way.

Been running two characters on CoV’s beta: Kethos (magic-origin Dark Melee/Fire Brute) and Umber (tech-origin Energy Melee/Energy Shield Stalker). Enjoying both of these builds a GREAT deal, and have been toying with some fun RP stuff around them, for when CoV goes live. I think I can get at least one of them to ten in the two days before the game opens to the general population, though both with, obviously, be following the Enhancement Buying Tactics, as much as I can bear.
This could easily swing into a discussion on Enhancement Diversification, but I’ll save that for another post.


  1. Yep…Hekuba is a lot of fun.
    Too bad you had a bad RP “Never-Team-With-Again” moment.
    Yeppers! And Zazi loves to help you guys out anyways. 🙂

  2. And somehow I completely forgot to mention that Strategist ran the Manticore TF with War Bones (lee), Hekuba, and Savannah Star — no deaths, and I believe everyone dinged during the thing.
    Thanks to Shock.Therapy, Avocet, and some random schlmeil who happened to be standing there at the time (whom we blind-invited to the group, started the TF, then kicked, cuz we’re rat-bastards).

  3. The guilt still eats at me for the poor schmuck. Mostly because of how hard I laughed when they kicked him.

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