Villanous Intent

So… City of Villains, preordered, with character concepts and story ideas on the way:
Kethos, some version of */fire Brute. His (half-)sister, some version of */fire Corruptor… possibly with some sick little inter-family stuff going on, plus possible involvement C, a Drusilla-like Mind/Mind Dominator. My only problem with playing Kethos is I talk in his voice the whole time and as a result my throat starts to hurt after about two hours.
My stalker (I hope to get a… BOY I hope to get a certain name when the lapsed accounts open up. We’ll see), who’s grew up in Eastgate and who’s family was destroyed (if not killed) by the Hollowing and, without goals, became a military sniper, then CIA spook, then mercenary assassin. His counterpart in Paragon City? A young, idealistic, “Hiya, Heroes!” young lady who was the younger sister of his best friend when he was back in high school, and who wants to reform him (while he’s trying to get her to see reason and give up being a Tool). CoH and CoV meets Grosse Pointe Blank.
I cannot wait, honestly, to work these stories into my already-overbooked play schedule. I just can’t.
Some talk of a Villanous SG has taken play. Bones?


  1. The current popular name suggestion is “The Clique”.
    Very good chance it’ll be invite-only.

    I have to tell you… I laughed so HARD when I read this!
    Just too funny. 🙂

  2. Well…Gasta Bas Will be ready when I finally get the game in my hands so that the bloody thing will run.
    I might come up with one more….for fun…I will see. Maybe Pretorian Puck…who knows.

  3. Hmmm. I’ve certainly characters I wouldn’t mind throwing into the mix. The urbane carnivore brute, Mr. Ravenous. The psycho gadgeteer mastermind, the Gifted Kid. Or some business-man-like guy in a tweed sports coat who might be a mind dominator or might be a soldier mastermind, or something else that fits …

  4. Definately got at least a Dominator ( or two ) and a MasterMind that I want to play. My interest is only mild at the moment when it comes to the other ATs but I am sure that something about them will pique my interest once I can get in and actually play the game. ( 12 more days to live! 10 more days to pre-order’ers should be able to start! )

  5. Oooh, I have an evil Noelle, or a ninja chick who’d love to join a clique. Um, not that we have one, of course.
    No sireee.
    And Doyce, if you and Lela ever want a break from each other, I’d love to see what we might come up with for RPy-goodness. Interested?

  6. Ok…
    After doing some reading on the boards…what I am looking at to play with on CoV.
    Corruptor – Dark/Dark
    Dominator – Grav/Energy (could be Evil Puck)
    Mastermind – Robotics/Poison
    Stalker – Ninja/Ninja

  7. Ok…
    Upon further review:
    Corruptor – Dark/Kin
    Mastermind – Merc/Traps.
    Stalker – Either Energy/Ninja or MA/Ninja. Either would work for character concept.

  8. My stalker test run was energy/energy — tech based with a very lean-looking suit. It worked very well (bone smasher at level 2, with the hide-crit = bad, bad fun.)
    Only problem: the glowing pom-poms of Energy melee != Stealth, to me, but it does seem like a power-suit kind of thing.
    MA’s been revamped a bit. Crippling Axe Kick does quite alot more damage now (Storm kick, a bit less), to make up for losing Crane Kick… looks interesting, but I’m not doing that set again.
    No ninja sword for the powersuit guy…. dunno.
    I’ll DEFINITELY have one… just not sure exactly what, right now.

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