Week gone past

Certainly spent some time on the characters this week, but a lot of it has been RP stuff, so not as much with the dinging.
Got HT back into circulation a bit and ran him around with Scorpia, who was rebuilt for I5 and never really got a chance to test her build, so we did that… also ran a few missions with him solo. Gotta tell yah, defense changes or not, I KNOW when those FF shields aren’t there. I mean, I *feel* it.
HT’s got a lot of AV things, and Scorpia-player wants to get her back in running missions, so I’m sure they’ll be around and about.
Hype and Syn dinged 47 (bringing them even, I should mention, with Scorpia). Haven’t done a ton with them, mission-wise, since then. We’ve got two level 40-45 contacts who are still giving us stuff, so with GREAT restraint, we aren’t getting into the Maria Jenkins Praetorian arc yet, even though it’s the key to getting Portal Jockey.
Their RP stuff has been great. Love playing these guys.
MAN I’ve got some stuff to write for him. Need to get on with doing it.
Still 18. Still really want Stamina. Still love the gameplay with him, and I’m liking the RP with him even more.
Moved Pummelcite, Lukacs Tolbathy, over to Champion and got him into the Storm Knights. Stone’s a very interesting armor set — very cool looking and much… umm… quieter than other Tank sets. Conversely, the Stone offense is BIG and BOOMING and NOISY and FUN.
He might be getting a bit of play time in the near future, because (a) I’d like to make him as useful as possible to what I think it a great Supergroup and (b) I love playing tanks. Got him to 7 last night, which opens up the Perez zone (important only in that I want to be able to get whereever anyone has a mission). Picked up Mud Pots at level 6, which gives him a nice PBAoE attack/taunt that really made him feel like a proper aggro-managing tank (and plays almost exactly like Flaming Aura, which makes it practically second nature for me at this point, thanks to Hype). Running him around with a fireball-tossing blaster after that point got REMARKABLY EASIER… I think they nerf Tanker punch-voke before level 10.
Also, got in a couple fun RP scenes with him that I’m sorta pissed I forgot to log — for those with Amber background, I’m using the Keep of the Four Worlds in his background, with a much stronger Elemental flavoring, and just …
Well, it’s not Amber, but I could take his whole background and homeworld and drop it into an Amber game very, very easiliy.
Looking very forward to meeting some of the Knights this afternoon/evening.

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