What’s in a name?

CoH Naming Policy Change

Starting 10/24/2005 the [i]City of Heroes?[/i] and [i]City of Villains?[/i] character name policy will change. Names for characters under level 35 on game accounts that have been inactive for over 90 days will be changed to unreserved status. This means that those names will become available for new character names if picked by an active player.



  1. Yup. If you let your account lapse (by not paying, such that you cannot log in), then the clock starts ticking.
    If you are a paying custonmer, you can have 8x[N-servers] names reserved (or 12x[N-servers] if you are a CoV subscriber, too), indefinitely.

  2. About. Damned. Time.
    So many cool names I remember seeing ages ago and I know a lot of those people have let their accounts lapse without deleting their characters ( everyone who I know locally who played CoH did so ( bastards talked me into getting the game and then all jumped to the WoW beta )). Will be nice to have all those names freed up again to be used.

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