When we last left our heroes…

Lesse, what all’s been going on:

Hang Time & Scorpia wrapped up the Destiny Denied storyline last week and weekend with a daring ass-kicking rescue, followed by a wedding on Saturday. Also (finally) resigned Hang Time from his role as prefect in the Phalanx — something that was once useful but is now a pointless redundancy. Still lots and lots to do with both of those characters, once they’re back from the honeymoon.
Hype and Syn dinged 46 and are still working through some of their 40-45 contacts (Tina’s finally given Hype the Praetorian Arc, and “Mulder” (Janet Kellum’s (aka: Scully’s) partner whose name I never remember) led the duo straight to Nemesis Rex last night — we duo’d his tin butt (took 37 minutes 🙂 and reaped much Nemesis Candy. Fun to take down an AV with just the two of them, but c’mon — it’s Nemesis — probably one of the easiest AV’s in the game — slow attacks, no areas, and mostly smash-lethal — Syn’s comment in the middle was “You’re right, he is lame — I’m standing right next to you all through this and c’mon, how many AV’s or even minions can I do that with at this level?” Word.
We’re going to try duoing Countess Crey next, I think — she’s pretty squishy — should be doable.
Storywise, Hype and Syn have a really fun thing that’s been building up since Noelle’s welcome home party — their telepathy ‘filter’ or ‘curtain’ is basically completely non-functional at this point, and they’re both getting EVERYTHING from each other’s head, all the time — missions at least provide enough single-track ‘combat noise’ distractions to keep them from dissolving, and it’s a lot of fun — especially combined the whole quietly-engaged-and-Ashe-is-waiting-for-marriage thing to just add to the wacky fun. We’ve worked out where this is going to go next, and I’ve got a few fun things to do with Hype to make things even worse. 🙂
Very very much a less public couple that HT and Scorp, even in the sense of writing about them on the Forums (ironic, since … well, it’s ironic for a lot of reasons, but mostly because HT and Scorp have had a lot of stuff that had to be left out) — from the very beginning, these two were really meant for when we’re feeling more exclusive than inclusive — we team up with other folks, but that’s always the exception to the rule — we’ll play with a team for a couple hours, than make our excuses and take off back to scenes or the comfort of the Unstoppable Invincible Ass Kicking Duo.
Epitaph dinged 18 and picked up his Next Big Punch. Lots of fun, and worked out a really fun and entertaining IC ‘bit’ for when he first used it — I just… really really like playing this guy, and I like the story he’s got going, both on the ‘supers’ and ‘personal level.
After some other crap going on this and last week, IC and OOC, just… no desire to play Strat at all, except for a couple fun scenes with Scorp.
Centreshot finally got a little play-time-love this last weekend, teaming up with Timbre and a handful of lower-level Storm Knights alts to kick some ass — I think it was two Trick Arrow/Archery Defenders, one Sonic Defender, Earth Controller, Fire/Elec Blaster, and Archery blaster.
So many holds. So many Immobilizes… so many slows… MASSES of baddies out at arrow shot range, unable to get to us, slogging through quicksand and firestorms… it was quite quite impressive. Centreshot dinged 9 and 10. Good stuff.
Finally, worked out a Champion-shard version of Marek Tolbathy, aka Pummelcite — a magic-origin Stone tanker that I’d like to get into the Storm Knights to replace my now-retired Hang-bot 3100.


  1. Puck Hit 40…and a major RP thing happened with Ulric.
    Life is good.

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