Monday in review

Briefly: Logged into play with the Hostess Heroes on Monday Munchies last night. As it turned out, only about five people total were able to make it on, but not all at once (Divine Chu was on early for a bit, Cheesy Poof hooked up with Brownie Points right as I (Bear Claws) and Ginger Snap left for the night). During the time on, we ran around Croatoa a bit, saw “Sally”, the monster of Lake Salamanca, and ACTUALLY DEFEATED THE “KEEP 30 FIR BOLG OUT OF THE GATE” mission. (Which makes me something like 2 for 4 on that mission — Pummelcite and Epitaph failed, it Strategist and now Bear Claws were on winning teams.)
So this win? Ginger Snap, Bear, and Brownie Points: two scrappers and a blaster. One single-target hold between the lot of us. Guaranteed loss turned into AWESOME.
Boo-yah. 🙂
After that, Bear hit level 28 from the (*massive* Croatoa) end-of-arc xp, and I logged for the night.