“Time to look on the Brightside!”

We actually got back down from the mountains on Sunday, had lunch, had a nap, and STILL had time to take some small advantage of the CoX Double-XP Weekend by leveling up Torrance and Matthew Bright, a.k.a Lady Optimism and Mister Brightside. The goal was to get from level 1 to level 14 (and movement powers) in five hours. We didn’t quite manage that (got to level 9.75), due to Virtue server going down for about an hour in the middle of the timeframe we had, but it was still a good run in which we hit all new content (by running Matthew Burke and Doctor Creed instead of Kalinda and Mongoose). Good stuff, good time, and really fun characters.
It turns out (I didn’t know this ahead of time) that Mister Brightside has a few verbal patterns, the most notable of which is “You put the ______ in ______!” Frex: “You put the ‘personal’ in ‘personal assault’!” or “You put the ‘fun’ in ‘functional insanity’!”
As a said, a lot of fun. 🙂 Screenshots to follow.


  1. We figured it was only fair to share the wealth of other considerable gaming and bad-pun-making talents with another server.
    Also, hush you with the putting-down-ness! Be nice!

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