Is “subjective fun” redundant, or an oxymoron?

Awhile back, I posted a question up to the story games site, esentially asking seriously, how many sessions have your TSoY games run? Parenthetical to that, but more interesting in the long run, was the question of ‘how many advances per session were your players earning?
The results of that were really interesting, and ranged from “something like 60 advances (bought with 5 xp each) in 8 sessions” to “20 advances, total, over 30 sessions” — the gist of the whole thing being “your group is going to normalize toward what’s most comfortable for them.”
Which… all this debate about what’s an RPG versus a story-game versus gamist, versus narrativist aside… is really the point.
Go. Play.
What your group likes and enjoys will, like a buried zombie that senses the tread of a hapless teenager nearby, rise to the top.

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