A very special moment in tonight's Star Wars: Rebel Ops game.

+Dave Hill's rebel character, Ganna, met up with her … friend, Verana (a staff sergeant with the Empire on Onderon), and they had coffee then went to a club.

I asked Dave: "So… do you think this move makes sense?"


Who the *#$%! are you?

The Carousing went late, or maybe the Parley was "too successful", either way when you wake up in a strange bed next to someone… roll+CHA.
* On a 10+ pick 3
* On a 7-9 Pick one

* They aren't someone you hate.
* If this gets out it won't be horrible for both of you.
* You can recall the events that got you here.
* There isn't a third party in the room.


And Dave thought about it, and said "… yeah. I think so."

So he rolled.

And got a 5.

And woke up the next morning.

In Verala's quarters.

On one of the Star Destroyers in orbit over the planet.

The only thing I screwed up was not having the third person in the room be the scary Zabrak imperial agent that just showed up to track the rebels down.


  1. What's so brilliant about this move is that you have to be drunk enough to not realize we don't have a +CHA stat in this game. πŸ˜€

  2. Ha! Yeah it's a DW move I saved from the g+ community. πŸ™‚

    I'm pretty sure the Mind Control move was from there as well, but I knew I was likely to use it so I took the time to change the stat names. πŸ™‚

  3. Of course, just because I didn't get to pick any of them doesn't mean the opposite is true for all of them. Right?

    Um … right?

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