‘Scuse me while I gush

In the history of Nobilis, the first 20th century was different. So were the 400 wondrous years after that, but that is all gone now. One day, it was the year 2400 and space-ships plied the Aetheric Currents between earth and the colony worlds. Then (about one hundred years ago) a rogue imperator conspired, an […]

d20 skill-check hack

As noted here: Where d20 breaks down is when it shifts to non-combat rolls where the entire task (skill) is handled with a single, linear-odds roll. Here’s how to fix that. There’s a little known optional combat rule that states that people can choose to ‘roll’ their AC every round. Basically, you don’t have a […]

Trollbabe, 2

Played a little Trollbabe tonight, because I feel like I understand the conflict system better than I did during the first abortive attempt to run it… so we had… another abortive attempt to run it (we started too late, which was the problem the last time, as I recall). Somewhere in the near future, I […]


One of the things I said in the comments on this post regarded the way that d20 (or some other ‘classic’ games) de-protagonize the player character though those instances where you’ve got this great character that blows stuff he’s supposed to be good at. Eventually, that’s the character they become, and they aren’t the guy […]

The Plot Point

A few weeks ago, Dave commented that we’ve been at this Nobilis thing for ‘about a year’. I believe my immediate reaction to this was something like “you’re completely crackers”, but it turns out he’s right: the first Nobilis session was… well, I posted about it around the last week of April of 2003, so […]


There’s a game I’d like to write up in full that I never will. Two reasons: One is simply that almost all of the mechanics of the thing are based off of a great indie game called Trollbabe. While the author might be (in fact, probably is) down with people riffing off his game, to […]


The sweetest phrase I’ve typed in awhile: This is a Z entry in the Lexicon Of The Second Age. 🙂 I want to publically thank Jere for the opportunity to work/play on this game/project; it opened my mind to a world of possibility in the Lexicon format, to Wikis in general (I didn’t have any […]


So, for my second to the last entry on the Lexicon of the Second Age game, I was digging up brainfood by (don’t make me explain it) Googling “monastic order of” silly. First hit? Brin’s discussion of Lucas’ main mistakes on Return of Jedi forward.

Games I might want to run: #6

Donjon (site), Donjon (review), Donjon example characters — player-driven dungeon crawling — it seems as though this could be either an InSpectres-level romp or a serious game. I’m intrigued. Paladin (site). Probably for a small group… maybe 2, maybe three. Maybe good for Justin. Good mechanics at any rate. Trollbabe. Review. Example of play here. […]

Character inspiration

Perverse Access Memory: WISH 85: Character Inspirations What inspires you to create characters? Do you have partially-developed characters in mind for use when you get into a new campaign? Do you shop characters around, or do you come up with new characters when you get into a campaign? Why? If you GM, are you bothered […]

Hamlet, the Masquerade

Rather, Hitherby Dragons: Hamlet 2: The Arrows of Fate “Eat of onions, but by no means garlic. Those slaves you have enthralled, and found to serve, bind them to your soul with hoops of steel; but do not hasten to enthrall each girl you meet. Beware the werewolves, and do not fight, but remember, if […]


Here’s an observation, neither novel nor groundbreaking. d20 in it’s current incarnation will never be a good system for non-dungeon crawling (i.e., search for traps, get treasure, kill bad guys). It boils down to search time. Your To Hit and Armor Class bonuses are prefigured, as are your Damage dice and Skills. Search Time to […]