Hamlet, the Masquerade

Rather, Hitherby Dragons: Hamlet 2: The Arrows of Fate “Eat of onions, but by no means garlic. Those slaves you have enthralled, and found to serve, bind them to your soul with hoops of steel; but do not hasten to enthrall each girl you meet. Beware the werewolves, and do not fight, but remember, if […]


Here’s an observation, neither novel nor groundbreaking. d20 in it’s current incarnation will never be a good system for non-dungeon crawling (i.e., search for traps, get treasure, kill bad guys). It boils down to search time. Your To Hit and Armor Class bonuses are prefigured, as are your Damage dice and Skills. Search Time to […]


Perverse Access Memory: WISH 83: My Character’s Motto What are your characters? mottoes, in ten words or less? Quotes and formal mottoes encouraged. Japteth: Harm Not the Dead.  &nbsp(Unofficial: You die, you’re mine.) Dylan: Everyone has secrets.  &nbsp(Unofficial: Sometimes, you wing it.) Bob: Never trust Jedi. Gwydion: In Her Majesty’s Name. Hmm… I should have […]

Wednesday Weird

The Wednesday Weird is a writing exercise where each week a topic will be posted and participants will write about in it in their own blogs, livejournals or the comments section. The Wednesday Weird is for gamemasters, writers and anyone else who wants to practice their creativity through this excercise. Each week in the Wednesday […]

Cool, baby. Cool.

So for the last couple weeks I’ve been contributing the insanity of the Lexicon Of The Second Age, in which people are sequentially writing up entries on the Second Age of Creation for the Nobilis setting, following certain guidelines. Once a few standard practices and guildelines worked themselves into place, things have gone swimmingly, and […]

Game theory

The 20′ By 20′ Room: Definitive Narrativism links to essays on the Forge (a rpg forum I won’t bother to link to because you either already know what/where it is or, like me, don’t find forums that useful) that define the current chic among RPG gaming theory — the GNS model, in which gaming styles […]

In summation

Perverse Access Memory: WISH 82: Three Word Summary Sum up one or more games that you GM or play in 10 words or less. (Three is best, but not everybody is that pithy.) Don’t restrict yourself to current games if you have great ones in the past. Starting with current and working backwards: Chrysalis A: […]

Order of events

Interesting thoughts on why to decide your Estate last when creating a character in Nobilis, stored here for my convenience: The crux of Tony’s process is that the Estate is the LAST thing you choose when designing your character. What it does (I feel) is discourage people from playing Estates and Affiliations instead of characters. […]


As I’ve mentioned before, I sometimes miss things that are going on with the players in my games. Back in TiHE, I used to periodically take a poll of everyone to see how they thought things were going — a feedback sheet if you will — but I stopped doing that after awhile because, well, […]

Eight is enough

Game Wish asks: What do you think is the best cast size for the games you?ve played? What are the factors that go into your answer: genre, play group, gaming system, etc.? The simple answer is “four or five players, plus GM”, regardless of game system. Ironically, I rarely GM groups that small. Right now […]

Perverse Access Memory: WISH 78: Two Characters, One Game Do you think allowing one player to play more than one character in a game is a good or bad idea? Does the style of the game make any difference? What about the format (FTF, PBeM, etc.)? I can only address FTF for obvious reasons. Lesse: […]


In an effort to knock the creative rust off my brain, I’m participating in the creation of the OceanOfStoriesWiki – Lexicon Of The Second Age… sort of collaborative encyclopedia for Nobilis’ second age. Here’s hoping we get through the alphabet. I like this wiki-tool-thing: could be terribly useful for certain kinds of sites/material. I’ve actually […]