CoH Weekend update.

Everything ‘normal’ in our game calendar was either cancelled or not scheduled, due to either weather or Easter, so there was a lot of CoH going on: * Positron TF with an alt on Friday night (since my regular game fell through) in which I got to work with Lee’s peacebringer, which I hadn’t before. […]

CoH Issue 4 Changes

Here are some of my personal WOOHOOS and BOOS: WOOHOO o Improved Max Stealth capability (High stealthy powers like Superior Invisibility can now better protect against foes with high Perception, like Snipers). o Villains can now knock you back, instead of just knocking you down. (cool) o Increased the Damage buff of Leadership/Assault and Vengeance […]

… because here in the Freedon Phalanx, the multi-gigs of in-game plot isn’t considered enough…

Alliance of Champions :: Phalanxers murdered, Stateswoman among them A big old ‘what the hell’. UPDATE: Read HERE, at least down to the Strategist post, if you want to find out how to be involved in the investigation of what’s going on.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Certain things that always seem to happen with me and multi-player online games: 1. I make a wise-cracking, relatively-fragile, power-throwing character that I really enjoy playing. 2. I make a more serious, older, “uncle” character who can take a pounding. 3. The wise-ass character joins a group of some kind. 4. Very shortly thereafter, the […]


Where are all the good tanks dead? In the heart, or in the head? In the past week of teaming up to level him from 10-20 I have teamed up with absolute worst tankers in my year of playing CoH. None of them had taunt and I usually let that slide if the tanker knows […]


The non-Glorantha version of Heroquest is coming, titled QuestWorlds QuestWorlds is a poly-genre roleplaying adventure game in which players portray characters from any imaginable genre of fiction. * Simple yet sophisticated. One system is used for ALL resolutions, whether mortal combat, intellectual debate, torrid seduction, racing spaceships or horses or giraffes, mercantile bickering, or even […]

Probably the only time I’ll mention the SG.

Looking for a supergroup on City of Heroes? Enjoy playing your character … in character? Want a little roleplay to go with Evil Smashing? On Champion server, I cannot recommend the Alliance of Champions enough. This is a ‘macro-supergroup’ of allied roleplaying Super Groups, all under one banner. The Alliance includes: 1. The Freedom Phalanx: […]

How do I prep?

Over here, here, Shawn wrote: How do you prep and run so many different games? I’m blown away by planning & running one game every other week or so! I mean, my group seems to have fun (they keep coming back, which I guess is a good sign), but I’m so fatigued. And that’s, as […]

Curse you, Doctor Vazhilok! Curse You!

Finally, I wanted to give public thanks to Lee for sticking with me through Hang Time’s first Arch Villain storyline — he was especially helpful while HT was suffering from the Vazhilok wasting disease… though the pointing and the laughing didn’t exactly add to his Good Samaritan act. End result: we saved the city from […]