Pigskin Picks

My roster for the Weblogger Fantasy Football League: Favre, Brett (QB-GB) Horn, Joe (WR-NO) Rice, Jerry (WR-Oak) Green, Ahman (RB-GB) Williams, Ricky (RB-Mia) Gardner, Rod (WR-Was) Bench McNair, Steve (QB-Ten) Pittman, Michael (RB-TB) Price, Peerless (WR-Buf) Walls, Wesley (TE-Car) Conclusion: Eh. I like many of these players, but most aren’t on teams I (can) watch […]

Imperial Scarecrow Fury!

Via Dave, the Verbal Kung-Fu Generator, providing five new Kung-Fu Moves every 15 minutues! shaolin mustard-seed slash stunning patriarch penetration deceptive river spirit lethal lightning cut mad hummingbird fright kiss of the ghost technique mongolian butterfly blow

Session 15 — Clanky Robot Love

Star Wars: The Prince of Alderaan The RimWorld Bacta War Part VIII: “Let’s Split Up” Apologies for the lateness of this update, but I’d already typed this out at one point and then lost everything. The group began the session debating how to get Simon and the two Jedi down to the planet of Iktoch […]

WISH 10: Fun Creations

From Turn of a Friendly Die: What’s the most fun you ever had creating something in a game that changed the game-world? There was a point early on in TiHE where one player decided that, mathematically, there had to be ten “factors” in the universe (including the three dimensions + time). I don’t recall the […]


Now that I’m done ranting about Diceless stuff, I’ll say this: Mike’s rules for New Mutiny are smart, elegant, clean, and probably the best SFSP Amber rules I’ve ever seen. If I ever run an Amber game again, it’ll be with those rules or some version thereof. (Hell, it’s almost enough to make me want […]

Session 14

Star Wars: The Prince of AlderaanThe RimWorld Bacta WarPart VII: “Sometimes the Worm Eats You” Dave Hill12 July 02 After defeating the Labor Droids on Iktotchi, we took off from the planet and escaped the system patrols, aided by an astrogation virus that was blocking pursuing ships from getting into hyperspace. We still haven’t figured […]

Amber Page updates

I’ve finally posted the log of the last TiHE session (the 91st) after thinking I’d lost it. You can read 83 to 91 right here. In related news, The Hall of Mirrors, as a blog, has ceased to be (I’d had it up for over a year with only 18 posts, so I didn’t really […]

Maxims, the Sequel

WISH 8: Maxims, Redux Pick three gaming maxims that other people wrote about and discuss how you think they have applied, or not, in your experience as a gamer. Do they make sense? Are they true or false? Maxims that simply never occurred to you are also eligible for discussion. Arref said: So much for […]


WISH 7: Maxims List three or more maxims/proverbs/bits of conventional wisdom/etc. that you’ve learned in your gaming career, and explain what they mean and how you’ve seen them apply in your gaming experience. I’m going to list the maxims first, then edit the post in a few minutes and add the details, because this will […]

To whom…

Rey has made good on his threat promise to set up the RPGamer Blogs Web Ring. If this is the sort of thing that applies to you, then you should apply to it.

Secret, secret, who’s got a secret?

WISH 6: Secrets Sometimes the plot of a game requires a GM to keep secrets. Is it better for the GM and other players to keep most out-of-character knowledge secret, or to assume that players are capable of keeping in-character and out-of-character knowledge separate? Where and how do you draw the line as a GM […]

…and again.

Turn of a Friendly Die: WISH 5: Communication Gaming requires the GM and players to communicate a large amount of information about system, plot, setting, character, and actions (among other things). There are a lot of places where a failure to communicate on the part of the GM and the players leads to disappointments for […]

Catching Up

Turn of a Friendly Die: WISH 4: Systems Describe three systems you have gamed under: one you thought was good, one you thought was all right, and one you didn’t care for. Is there a system you’d really like to try that you haven’t? Which ones wouldn’t you try based on reading them? Good d20. […]


In an effort to reduce the boring “anvil chorus” of a typical DnD combat, I added a house rule on Friday night. No bonus if you ‘just swing’. +1 bonus if you describe the attack in an interesting way, including where you’d like to hit and what you’d like to accomplish. +2 bonus if you […]

Star Wars – Session 12 & 13

Session 12 – Stunning Revelations The GM has lost his notes on this session, so until he finds them, here’s the quick summary: The party finds the backworld planet that Nayda visited, and backtracks along her route, trying to figure out what she saw or found that was dangerous. This eventually leads them to a […]

If I had $1,000,000

Actually, how about this: You have $100 to spend on RPG’s… for your entire life. What do you buy? Assume you have no existing RPG library, and include any CCG’s you play. Big Eyes, Small Mouth Revised 2nd Edition – $16 on ebay, mint. Star Wars Revised Core Rulebook – $24 on ebay, mint SpyCraft […]

Wish 3: Ideas

From Turn of a Friendly Die: Discuss three setting ideas or ideas for elements of settings that you got from movies/books/TV/etc. that you have read or seen recently. These do not need to be full-fledged settings, but can be single elements that could be incorporated into existing games. I tend to get more excited about […]

Wish 2: Romances

Again, from Turn of a Friendly Die (recently added to the linkbar). Describe two romantic relationships involving a PC you’ve seen in a game. One should be a romance that worked for the participants and the other should be one that failed, died, or came to an end. What was good and bad about these […]

Blogathon 2002

I’ve put up my Blogathon information on a page of it’s own, and I encourage everyone to check out the Blogathon site (linked to off the info page). Even if you don’t want to sponsor me, sponsor someone 🙂

Bit Players

Turn of a Friendly Die has an interesting little query: Describe three NPCs (not major villains) that you really liked and what they added to the game. The NPCs can be from any game you’ve been in as a player or GM, and any system or genre. Kethos: Sort of a hybrid of several of […]