Channeling myself

“No one really listens to anyone else, and if you try it for a while you’ll see why.” — Mignon McLaughlin Seven people at the Casa last night, all connected to the internet and logged into CoH. Cool. Yay, wireless connectivity. Of the seven, five or so had Coalition Chat on and were commenting on […]

Statesman says stuff

Original Post First…I confirm that we’re working on right now (as in pohsyb in the next room) to add CoV costume parts into CoH if you own both games…. Then we repeal the hated stealth nerf. The reason why: many well reasoned posts. It’s that simple. You guys pointed out the problems. AND now…we’re changing […]

Funny, but not…

City of Heroes Official Forums The scene: Four players and a DM are gathered around a kitchen table. Statesman (in an ominous tone from behind his DM’s cardboard wall): You enter a dark, abandoned warehouse. In the distance you hear the scurrying sound of a rat. Player 1: Okay, we leave the first room. Statesman: […]

Face to face gaming? People do that?

Potentially running two face to face games this coming week while Aaron and Kate are at the Casa: Ancient China. Wire-fu. Old, jealous gods. Young, jealous nobles: Xian Quan And this other bit of wackiness: The holiday season means a lot of things to a lot of people. For some it’s the pristine beauty of […]

No fair! :)

Since CoV came out, Jackie has had just… depressingly good luck with character names. She has snagged: * Hedera (for a plant controller) * Merry Mayhem (for her ‘perky evil’ brute) * Unhinged (for her crazy Mastermind with ninjas named things like Flash Gordon and Buck Rodgers) * Darling (for her Corruptor) No misspellings, no […]

CoH: The Stories

So here’s the thing: Every week, I post up the summary of stuff that happened with my gaming. There’s a problem with that at this point: My roleplay gaming is all CoH right now — lots of reasons for this, most of them starting with “baby”, but that’s how it works. And mostly, what I […]

Respec stuff

I respeced Hype this week and did Nosferatu with Kin and Shock and Syn, then logged out — he works just fine with the ED stuff in effect — hell with the extra slots I had to work with, I put two endurance recoveries in his main toggle powers and he has almost no endurance […]