Wouldn’t it be Nice

Okay, I haven’t done a lot (read: any) gaming of pretty much any kind in the last few weeks, due to a couple important writing deadlines, so instead I’ll tell you what I’m pining for. WoW. Since starting up the Blood and Thunder guild on Farstriders server with Grezzk as a way to group up […]

Kryos Podcast

Playing, designing, and respecting other players with kick-butt characters, Using Questions to help your game, and Good Sentences There’s some good stuff in there, especially in the part about making a bad-ass character, giving other people in the group time to shine, and respecting the niches that other people ‘have’ in a game.

Week in Review

PBF Can’t seem to get the momentum back up to pre-holiday rates on the Mountain Witch. Not sure what to do about it, as I’d really like to get that sucker moving again — it’s not like a play by post game needs any help being slow. FtF Got (I’d say) about half of the […]

Week in review.

In brief: No face to face gaming. No CoH. A little progress on Mountain Witch, but I’m still working to get the momentum back up to the pre-holiday level, but for myself and the players. Did some WoW stuff with Grezzk (who’s now level 30 and was ‘halfway’ for about three days… until the new […]

Week in Review

Again, no Face to Face gaming, due to no faces to face with. Holidays are Suck. In the Digital realms: The Mountain With game continues apace. (A slow pace, but apace, nonetheless.) Got Aeric (Bored/WalkingAbout Prince of Niffleheim Ice/Storm Controller) up to level 16. Ran the holy ice crystals out of the Winter Event, finally […]

Once more, with feeling

City of Heroes Official Forums: Winter Event returns. A cold front on the horizon brings back winter to the streets of Paragon and outlying Rogue Isles! On Monday the 8th of January, the Winter Event returns! Cold weather is expected to last through the week, ending on Monday the 15th. So put on your scarves […]


With the holidays just winding down, there hasn’t been much gaming going on around the Casa, but I’ll mention what there has, and speculate about what’s coming up. Current — and mostly MMOs Kate brought her lappy with her on this trip to get some work done, and with the blizzard confining us for a […]


Geek Omerta: talk about gaming like it’s a normal pass time like golfing or quilting? Perish the thought! Gush effusively with other geeks? Of course! Don’t even bother debating whether or not that’s what 98% of most gamers do. The questions are: “Why is that?” and “How does one get around it and put gaming […]

Tis a day of podcastiness

Son of Kryos Podcast #27: Given everyone screen time (an ongoing concern of mine). Playing RPGs online, such as over IM, E-mail, and Forums (something I’m doing right now with Mountain Witch). Plus what to do when you pick up a game that you’ve not played in a long time (something that comes up alllllll […]

Play the GM

Have you never GM’d? Have you GM’d only a little? Have you just be kinda curious about GMing and, along those lines, GMing indie hippy games like Primetime Adventures or The Mountain Witch? Are you a vet GM with lots of ‘trad’ experience, looking to spread the authority of the GM around a little bit, […]

World Design Questions

Setting Design Jumpstart, from Tony L-B, who take Aria: Worlds and does it in a much more useable format. I’m going to list the questions he suggested you answer about a nascent Game Setting down below the cut, but I think what I might do with it first is use it on the “Petrana” setting […]


Story Games for Everybody – Bang!: A Roleplaying “Gateway” Game: Great discussion, full of observations I agree with. 🙂 Looking forward to some more Bang-play in the future, hopefully pulling in the Dodge City expansion (it’s got Bibles!).