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Grim Therapy, group 2, actual play

As mentioned in this post (where I talk about the characters), the DnD game didn’t occur a couple of weeks ago, so we played a session of the “Grade School” sorcerers set up, as seen in the Grimm Therapy section of RandomWiki. Here’s what happened.

Analyzing the last few sessions

It is something of an irony that the players in my d20 game have been so interested and involved and generally pleased with the last couple sessions that have followed the dungeon-crawl-that-wouldn’t-end. Having well and truly poisoned the well with regards to combat (six months of nothing but pretty much put paid to that need […]

Unknown Armies meets Firefly

This weekend, I had a chance to play-test a Firefly game session using a stripped-down version of Unknown Armies 2nd edition. (Details on chargen are over here, but basically I just stripped magic out entirely and used the street-level campaign.) Anyway, the game went reasonably well (though, damnably, we didn’t get a chance to finish […]

Sorcerer, Grimm Therapy, group 2

The DnD game looked to be short a couple of players on Friday, so we decided to try something else. I ran a session of the “Grade School” sorcerers set up, as seen in the Grimm Therapy section of RandomWiki. (The first time I swapped in Sorcerer for the DnD game we did Clicking Sands […]

Real life reflecting in the game

What’s funny is that Dave’s Ken Osato (in my Sorcerer game) is approaching the ‘annoyance’ of his recently rescued girlfriend just like this. More and more Japanese men and women are finding relationships too messy, tiring and potentially humiliating to bother with anymore.


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Link for Randy

Diceless Risus: the pretentious edition Don’t look at me — it’s the author’s name for it. It needs a pool mechanic added to it (cf. Nobilis) before I’d find the very static nature of the scores viable. Also, it loses the ability for scaling up by increasing the die sizes — still, it’s no worse […]

That didn’t take long

Lee couldn’t make the Nobilis game tonight, so Randy, De, Jackie and I started what will be a short “Grade School Sorcerers” riff. Notes to follow regarding character generation, opening kickers, and some observations on playing kids in a game that’s designed to create people in dysfunctional relationships, but for now, you can check out […]

Sorcerer, Session Five (Bibliophage): Complex Conflict

We had our fifth session of Sorcerer last night. The whole campaign thing is detailed here, along with previous session logs. This was a really interesting and challenging session — there was one metric assload of combat (something like six or seven different fights spread out in one long stretch of room-to-room warfare). There were […]

Fudging Fate

“It is a common delusion that you make things better by talking about them.” — Dame Rose Macaulay Okay, so ***Dave has (rightfully) voiced some concern over the problems with running Spycraft d20 — while it’s a great adaptation of the system to the genre, the d20 cruft-accumulation added to the not-at-all-inconsiderable Spycraft-additions to the […]

Applying the Theory

There’s an old quote from Carrie Fischer, speaking to Lucas about his approach to dialogue during the filming of Star Wars: “You can read this shit, but you can’t say it.” With that in mind, I present a good essay from M.J. Young on how to apply “Forge theories” to “real games” (specifically, designing or […]