Weekend in Review

Hmm… didn’t do a whole heckuva lot this weekend, gaming-wise, due to Kaylee-busy-ness and yard work. Friday: had a really good time doing this. (see also a summary of events here. Saturday: Horrifying amounts of yard-work (HOA is busting my balls, not to put too fine a point on it), followed by Steak, baked beans, […]

The Shadow of Yesterday: Freebooters One-Shot (Second Run), Post-mortem

So the HQ: Firefly game that we’d slotted to run on Friday didn’t come off. I think I need to restructure how we’re trying to make that game scheduling work. The current thing isn’t working — one every three months is barely gaming, let alone a campaign — and I’d really like it to. So, […]

Week or so in review

Last Wednesday, had a great, unexpectedly great, time on Victory server. Good stuff. Friday: Firefly game, using Heroquest rules. Set up and rules are here. Good time, if a slow start. Saturday: Spring Fountain Heroquest game. Thought it might be the big finale, but we got started late and didn’t get as far as I […]

HQ-XQ, Session 1

Played through the first session of the Xian Quan Heroquest game on Saturday. I’d call it a decent if somewhat bumpy start (esp. in chargen), but everyone seems enthused and engaged, so we’ll call it a win. Two things I think are fun — I think every player in the game would tell you that […]

Sorcerer, Grimm Therapy, Session 3

I’m actually combining two sessions into one actual play, since they were each relatively short (poor planning on my part, but there it is). Okay. When we last left our pre-adolescent heros… [crickets chirping] Right, that was quite some time ago, so for Katelyn and Nicky’s previous events, I direct you here, and for Kermit, […]

Things to do in Denver when your PC’s Dead

Doc’s Blog … Confessions of a Game Addict: Game Dream 14: He’s Dead, Jim! Many “traditional” RPGs incorporate the possibility of the irrevocable death/disabling injury of a player character into their basic mechanics, yet often skirt the issue of what happens to the game in such a case, instead encouraging the GM to “fudge” the […]

Grim Therapy, group 2, actual play

As mentioned in this post (where I talk about the characters), the DnD game didn’t occur a couple of weeks ago, so we played a session of the “Grade School” sorcerers set up, as seen in the Grimm Therapy section of RandomWiki. Here’s what happened.

Sorcerer, Grimm Therapy, group 2

The DnD game looked to be short a couple of players on Friday, so we decided to try something else. I ran a session of the “Grade School” sorcerers set up, as seen in the Grimm Therapy section of RandomWiki. (The first time I swapped in Sorcerer for the DnD game we did Clicking Sands […]

That didn’t take long

Lee couldn’t make the Nobilis game tonight, so Randy, De, Jackie and I started what will be a short “Grade School Sorcerers” riff. Notes to follow regarding character generation, opening kickers, and some observations on playing kids in a game that’s designed to create people in dysfunctional relationships, but for now, you can check out […]

Sorcerer, Session Five (Bibliophage): Complex Conflict

We had our fifth session of Sorcerer last night. The whole campaign thing is detailed here, along with previous session logs. This was a really interesting and challenging session — there was one metric assload of combat (something like six or seven different fights spread out in one long stretch of room-to-room warfare). There were […]