Clicking Sands note

Re-reading, I found some excellent stuff on working Possessors-inside-the-Sorcerer (and also parasite demons) in Sorcerer’s Soul. Like most everything in the Sorcerer line (or, really, everything by Ron Edwards in general), it made a vague sort of sense before but seemed quite obfuscated — then we did some playing — then I re-read it and […]

Sorcerer, part 1

So, with the Consortium out of town for the second weekend in a row, I found myself starting to suffering from gaming DTs. (You can’t just cold-turkey from three-to-zero per weekend, nor do I want to). Anyway, by Saturday afternoon I was quite ready to do something. Randy has, as a result of my raving, […]

Trollbabe, 2

Played a little Trollbabe tonight, because I feel like I understand the conflict system better than I did during the first abortive attempt to run it… so we had… another abortive attempt to run it (we started too late, which was the problem the last time, as I recall). Somewhere in the near future, I […]

Weekend review 1

Friday: DnD. Talked about what we might like to do as a sequel game with a smaller group of players. Beat the crap out of everyone (killed the party thief, in fact), for which they earned a measely 2k in xp. To get big xp at that level of power, you have to pull out […]

Game summary

Friday, the DnD group continued to wander aimlessly through a deadly forest that drives people insane, rots your food, and attracts things that go *munch* in the night. Huge surprise, there was combat, and lots of it. Saturday was Jackie’s “high level” Necropolis game. (I put that in quotes because the group is three levels […]

Jepteth a’Ghul: this is not your daddy’s cleric

Jackie’s running an Egyptian-style mini-campaign called Necropolis. Since the campaign itself is fairly high-power to begin with, we had a little leeway for people to do interesting things with their characters. How interesting? Dave’s doing an anthropomorphic elephant, the background of which is over here. Margie’s playing a young Astral Deva, Justin’s playing a half-dragon […]

DnD Game

Friday night’s game was fun. I’m enjoying it quite a bit more than I used to — not quite sure why that is, but I imagine it’s basically because I go in cycles of enthusiasm with everything. Also, there’s the pregnancy. See, one character (priestess of the sun god) agreed to ‘do something’ that would […]

Prince of Alderaan — 01/09/2003

It’s 4 AM local time and we open with an image of two towers — the two tallest buildings in the area. We see gritty marketplaces where dirty people buy dirty vegetables and speak some sinister-sounding language. A wiry thirty-ish Caucasian man enters a ground floor apartment whose bleached wood “hookers and beggars” exterior tells […]

Session 15 — Clanky Robot Love

Star Wars: The Prince of Alderaan The RimWorld Bacta War Part VIII: “Let’s Split Up” Apologies for the lateness of this update, but I’d already typed this out at one point and then lost everything. The group began the session debating how to get Simon and the two Jedi down to the planet of Iktoch […]

Session 14

Star Wars: The Prince of AlderaanThe RimWorld Bacta WarPart VII: “Sometimes the Worm Eats You” Dave Hill12 July 02 After defeating the Labor Droids on Iktotchi, we took off from the planet and escaped the system patrols, aided by an astrogation virus that was blocking pursuing ships from getting into hyperspace. We still haven’t figured […]

Star Wars – Session 12 & 13

Session 12 – Stunning Revelations The GM has lost his notes on this session, so until he finds them, here’s the quick summary: The party finds the backworld planet that Nayda visited, and backtracks along her route, trying to figure out what she saw or found that was dangerous. This eventually leads them to a […]

Sessions 9, 10, and 11

A Scrolling intro for Session 9, 10, 11 (and probably 12 and 13) can be view here. Here’s a summary of what’s been going on. Session 9: (03/22/2002) Sharess is at the academy in lightsaber practice. Corvo and Simon are at the senate in the Alderaanian pod with Bail, where there is a discussion about […]

[Star Wars] Death Sticks found in Subadult School

JRADE DISTRICT, CORUSCANT – The Jrade School Board expressed shock and dismay at the finding of death sticks in a public subadult school. PSAS-5128, in northern Jrade, has instituted mandatory locker and body searches after two Level Six students were found in possession of death stick and death stick paraphernalia. “We’re determined to find out […]

Session Nine, part one

After a miserable night of dealing with the sudden Senatorial name-chance, I’ve come to this conclusion: For the sake of my sanity, Bail Antilles and Bail Organa are now officially the same person in my campaign — Bail is the scion of BOTH the Organa and Antilles royal houses (Antilles is his paternal descent, Organa […]

Session Seven

Star Wars Campaign Session seven was on Friday the 22nd, and I’m going to talk about that as well as a few notes on the prior sessions. First, let’s summarize. Session One was a rescue-in-space scenario where the characters (all members/servants of the Antilles household and currently stationed on Coruscant) are tasked by the Senator […]