Glimpse the Future

Excerpt from an advance review of the Revised Core Rulebook Moving into the classes section, we see some of the largest and most fundamental changes to the game thus far. No class has gone untouched, and most of the changes seem to be for the better. Some abilities simply were renamed so they made more […]

Techie Tricks

Dave has used MT (and mad design skillz 🙂 to come up with a great page for a character he’s running for the Ill Met in Amber PBeM. Truly Excellent. I wish I was playing in a game, so I could do something this cool. Oh, wait. There’s DAVE’S game. And RANDY’S game (except I […]


WotC has released some new infor from the revised edition of the rulebook that coming out in a few months. I’ve ‘implemented’ a few of these changes on the Star Wars pages. Here’s the highlights: In the House Rules section, details on how Armor is going to work — it’s damage reduction now, doesn’t interfere […]

This just in…

Area Woman Finds Sith Icon in Pastebread Or not… still, a pretty fun read. Holonetnews is a good, immersive site. I like reading all the advertisements. Star Wars tonight. Should be interesting.

Update — Timeline

I’ve added atimeline to the Prince of Alderaan game data. It should help people sort out what’s happening when in the greater scheme of things. Note to players: Here’s how to figure out your age: Step One: Check your current age. That’s how old you were for the Ando Prime mission. Step Two: Add two […]

Star Wars Update

Another (messy) update to the d20 Star Wars Campaign. Added more senatorial stuff and started working on pix for various NPCs that aren’t senators — the first of these is one “Nayda”, a vitrolic young girl that Dag was lucky enough to escort during a function at the Alderaanian Embassy.


I’ve done some overhauling at the Padawan’s Cave, removing the star maps that I don’t find myself using at all, and getting together a house rules page. Quite a bit of the changes are happening in the Prince of Alderaan section, where I’ve added little snippets on some of the major NPCs and have started […]

Other Game Writing

Randy updates his blog with comments about the various games he playing or planning on running at Q.E.D. — Quinn Elicits Dismay. Interesting and fun stuff which contains Randy’s (unsurprising) answer to the question “Which game do I like better? Amber or Anything Else?)