Curse you, Doctor Vazhilok! Curse You!

Finally, I wanted to give public thanks to Lee for sticking with me through Hang Time’s first Arch Villain storyline — he was especially helpful while HT was suffering from the Vazhilok wasting disease… though the pointing and the laughing didn’t exactly add to his Good Samaritan act.
End result: we saved the city from being dosed with a nasty virus, completed the mission, and I got a cool reward, but Doctor Vazhilok escaped through the city sewers (the two of us just didn’t *quite* have the firepower to beat him down, and by then it was took late to invite anyone else along).
The coolest thing was not having to DIE to figure out we couldn’t beat him.
Update: 1/27/05
Last night, While I was talking with Stateswoman about a place for Hang Time in the Freedom Phalanx (a Super Group on Champion server whose goal is to play In Character as much as possible), she got a call from a Group member named Doppelganger, who had tracked down Doc Vazhilok again. Stateswoman was tied up (and actually way to ‘big’ to do this Arch Villain mission anyway), and I immediately asked for another shot at the rat bastard.
So, once again, it was a two-person run at the leader of the Vazhilok. Doppelganger was great, and it felt like I was playing alongside a higher-level version of Rose.Red — he has almost exactly the same power set — so I know just what to expect from him (except for his Green Lantern-like ability to summon a Phantom Army — that was fanTAStic).
Anyway, we wiped the floor with Doc Vaz and teleported his disgusting self back to the Ziggurat. Then HT went and had himself a good long shower. Ugh. If I never see another sewer again as long as I live… UGH.
Also, joined the Freedome Phalanx, which is a really large group of players who can TYPE — and like to type IN CHARACTER.
Very very pleased.

The trials of being a total badass.

“I wanna go to the crappy town where *I’m* a hero.”
— Wash, Firefly
So I doubt this will be a regular thing, but I wanted to write down stuff that’s happened on CoH over the last couple days, so I can remember when and where later.
I’ve been trying to focus more on playing a designated ‘main’ character on CoH and settle on Hang Time because, you know, big ass whupping goodness.

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Messing with a good thing

Here, I’m talking about something typical to all roleplaying games or, specifically, gaming groups, but the example I have close to hand is something that came about on CoH over the last two night.
So. It’s Sunday. Monday? Whatever. Must have been Monday night. Jackie has Shock.Therapy on and I’m … I don’t know why, but I’ve got Rose.Red on, maybe to take a shot at finishing off some of her missions or something — I’d really like to get teleport for her, cuz she’s slow as dirt. Anyway. Point is, Jackie and I were off doing our own things.
I’m gallumphing my way through the Hollows and I get an invite to team up from one “Punchie”.
First, I have a rule I generally follow, and it’s served me well — I don’t accept invites from people I don’t know, if they haven’t at LEAST sent me a tell (translation: in-game instant message) and used decent… you know… language and communication skills. Like the one’s I’m displaying in this post. Not.
But still, any moron can click the invite button — show me you can communicate with a message better than “Grp??/”
But… I dunno. I decided to accept the invite, if for no other reason than to have someone’s messages to read on my slow-ass journey across the the get-me-killed Hollows (and if an area ever encouraged players to learn about teaming up, that one does), and I was feeling snarky and playing Rose who is, frankly, mean to people, and I thought “Punchie” might be a good target for ridicule.
Lo and behold, Punchie can type. Punchie is funny. So are the other people on the team. I change my plans and actually group up with them for a mission — we don’t have any major damage dealers at all, but we roll the mission (a hard one) EASILY. Halfway through, I get Jackie’s toon into the group as well — we roll that mission, and proceed to Kick the Holy #*@#& out of every mission anyone can find to run. We’re awesome. Everyone’s funny and interesting and can type worth a damn. They’re smart.
No one gets a free trip to the E.R. the WHOLE NIGHT. We had to retreat from a bad ambush at one point and we even did THAT well.
Somewhere in there, Punchie goes to level (everyone on the team leveled twice in about 3 hours, which is amazing), and comes back having registered a SuperGroup for everyone to join — in keeping with the fun of the night the SG’s name is Punch and Pie (“We joined because we were told there would be Punch and Pie…” is the motto) and the all-female-toon group determined the pink-and-black color scheme and heart-emblem.
It’s all in fun — we had a really really good time with an awesome group. The “Punch and Pie” night goes down in my head as one of the best nights on CoH evah. It was just FUN.
Last night, Jackie logged on the same toon and sees a new team member. Later, I’m playing Gilly with Jackie and, the conversation on her SG channel was:
“What’re you doing, Shockie?”
“Grouped with a tank named Gilly?”
“Cool, does she want to be in a SuperGroup?”
And just like that (they didn’t know it was the same player as the night before), I get an invite.
We group with some of the SG guys and some other guys… it’s not a BAD group — no one dies, mostly thanks to Jackie and the player running Punchie being on the same tactical page… but no one really impresses me as being a really kick-ass example of the player base, y’know?
Every. Single. One. Of. Them. gets an open invite to the SG. Hmm.
Now, one of us comments about the really active recruiting, and the player doing most of it says “I ran in a guild in Everquest for five years, and if you don’t recruit, you don’t grow. Worse, you wither. I’m just trying to make the group even better.”
Better? Better than the amazing thing we had going the night before? How is this possible? Why try? Why SCREW with it, for one thing?
So… lengthy game example aside that’s where this ties back into gaming in general.

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CoH post, #3

Live in fear: Jackie has a character on City of Heroes. Shadow.Cat is a Dark Melee/Invul Scrapper and quite a can of whup-ass. Time to order a second account. 🙂
Also, for those folks looking around for me (some have asked), here the current list:
* Hang Time: Energy/Energy Scrapper (Science origin, if getting zapped accidentally while delivering pizza to the lab counts as “science”.) If you squint your eyes and don’t look too hard, then Hang Time’s my “main”… by which I mean I cackle *slightly* more loudly when his cool powers go off than I do with my other characters. Sometimes. HT is easy to play — I just say ‘dude’ a lot. And Whoa.
* ZeeGee: Gravity/Forcefield Controller (Mutant). ZeeGee is visually a lot of fun to watch on the screen, but somehow her gameplay is frustrating. Or something. I dunno. Maybe I just need to go over to the costume guy in Skyway and change her look — her hair bugs me.
* Rose.Red: Illusion/Kinetics Controller (Magic). Snow White’s older, less-pleasant sister — just moved to Paragon from Park Avenue. She’s dog slow in getting around (til I get teleport), but a lot of fun to play — sort of a raver debutante who got shanghaied into heroics. Most of her powers remind me of an area of effect vampire :).
* Gilly: Super Strength/Invulnerability Tanker (Magic). Gilly is GREAT fun to play. She’s a tiny little thing (ten year old) who was left daddy’s magic gloves when he disappeared. She’s using them to look for him. And kick ass. If you know what a Tanker does on CoH, imagine a sprite doing the job, and you’re there. I want a title that says “Combat Pixie”.
* Gu Gan Cheung: Martial Arts/Super Reflexes Scrapper (Natural). My attempt to do a “Crouching Tiger” character in the game, crossed with a bit of Kill Bill :). He’s pretty bad ass, but doesn’t see a lot of play time, for reasons I’m not sure of.
* Girl Five: Radiation/Radiation Defender (technology). Designate Girl Five Is A Defense, Support, And Tactical Unit. Activated 178.34353 Hours Prior To This Statement. It Has Been Very Interesting To Meet You.
Honestly? I LOVE playing Girl Five. Right now, she’s probably my favorite. So Much FUN. I just suck as a healer. SUuuuuuuucK.
Everyone but Hang Time’s about level 9 or so. HT’s 12. Jackie’s Shadow.Cat is level… 5? I think 5. In one night, yes.
And there are SO many other character ideas I’d like to do… MAN. I’ve seen two or three really cool Storm Controllers in a the past couple days. There was this little nordic dwarf dude last night… with Storm/Kinetics? Bad. Ass.
I also have Hangtime (note the spelling change) on Virtue Server, for when Champion hiccups. He’s about level six and got Hover asap. (I mean, with a name like that, you have to fly, right?)
One thing I’ve noticed is that I have no character’s with Area of Effect attacks. Rose has an AoE Blind, but it doesn’t do any damage… and that’s about it. I find myself wanting such things at times. A lot. I’ve bypassed a couple such things on Hang Time in favor of powers that let me bring stupid amounts of pain to a single target, and sometimes I regret it, but not often.
Which is fine — I know I WILL have AoE’s with some people, eventually.

By comparison, I’m quite well-adjusted.

Here’s a post from the main CoH Livejournal group:

I’m in Costa Maya on my honeymoon…
so can someone post pics of the new content from Release 3? Particularly in this thread? Thanks in advance!

Qui Gon’s quote should have been “There’s always a bigger geek.”

CoH post, #2

Well, it’s been about ten days since I picked up City of Heroes, the superhero-genre multiplayer online RPG — a category of games I’ve steadfastly avoided in the past. Which isn’t to say I have no multi-user online gaming experience; I’ve tons. Literally, there were points in my life when, for years at a time, I was working on some Mushes and Muds for as many hours a week as I did my full-time jobs. Sometimes more. Sometimes much more.
The newer games, though, I’ve avoided. I’ve stared longingly at CoH a number of times (and drooled a bit at the World of Warcraft info), but until Jackie got CoH for me for Christmas (mad, MAD, I tell you), I’d resisted.
No longer.
So, with ten whole days under my belt, here’s some thoughts.

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CoH entry #1

City of Heroes Expansion Issue #3: A Council of War
What I’m already loving about the CoH updates is that they don’t just fix the code, they make the game BIGGER — more zones, more plots, more bad guys, new stuff…
They fixed fear powers (which sucked), so instead of running away, the bad guys cower. That’s great.
They fixed it so you can actually punch a guy you’re running after. That’s great.
But best of all?

You can now control what music the boombox plays with a bunch of new emotes. These are also available from the Quickchat menu. They all begin with “bb” which stands for “boombox”. The list: bb, bbAltitude, bbBeat , bbCatchMe , bbDance . bbElectroVibe , bbDiscoFreak , bbDogWalk , bbHeavyDude , bbInfoOverload , bbJumpy , bbKickIt , bbLooker , bbMeaty , bbNotorious , bbMoveOn , bbPeace , bbQuickie , bbRaver , bbShuffle , bbTechnoid , bbWindItUp , bbVenus , bbWahWah . bbYellow , bbSpaz.