Excellent question

I did a book report back in high school on the Icewind Dale trilogy.
Yeah yeah, Drizz’t — sue me.
Anyway, the whole point of the paper I wrote (and by the end of the thing, it was well-and-truly a ‘paper’ and not a report) was the nature of race and role stereotyping and the affect that has on the individual.
My teacher gave me an A, and suggested that I was, perhaps, reading more meaning into the books than the author had really put there. I asked her how that was different than any other book that anyone had ever read, and she dropped it.
My point: Dave did something very similar here, and asks really good questions — digging past what’s right for the big Marvel story of the year (an outcry for the regulation of Superheroes) and asking the hardest question of all: what would be right in the really real world.
I have more to say, but I pretty much said it over there.

The Family Dynamic

I keep thinking about doing a “super-family” Supergroup for CoH, along the lines of The First Family from Astro City… multiple generations… uncles, aunts… the people married to family members, the kids. All that lot.
I’d really like to do something like this, following the same basic practices that seem to be working so darn well with Hostess Heroes.
Then last night, it occured to me that it was also work to do a super-eeeeeevil-family. The two problem I see there is that, while potentially fun, it has to run a balancing act between too-dark-revenge-hate-dysfunctional-family, and the Addams Family.
I like the idea of a Fantastic Four-like shared origin, or common backgroun (all mutants), or just a generational ‘grandpa did it with gizmos, and now I do it, and thanks to my exposure to the radiation of Alpha Ceti Five, you’ll be doing it to, but without gizmos’ — where pretty much any sort of background can be mixed in.
I dunno. Thoughts?

CoH summary

Due to messing around with retro costumes during my free time last week (ha!), I actually had pretty much everyone logged in at some point, recently. Let’s review:
Hang Time (50)
Planned on doing stuff with him yesterday. Didn’t quite happen.
Hyperthermian (50)
Working through an old Carnie arc with him — pretty much a waste of time, but at least it’ll be done. Also, respecced him, keeping all the powers he had, but rearranging them a bit so that he has Stamina, Acrobatics, and his first Ice Hold by level 30, so I can screw around in Siren’s Call more effectively.
Strategist (34)
Did a bunch of missions on him, solo. First time I’ve had him logged on in a looooong time. He’s still fun to play, and MA looks fun with the flared boots on his “flash gordon approaching” outfit. That is is all.
Epitaph (33 — new)
Holy hell — I actually played him, roleplayed him, got the Boomtown Saints into the Coalition, and ran some missions with him (with help, cuz the Crey Protectors own him).
Fun to play. Not the uber-AT, by any means (slow animations on the attacks are annoying), but fun to play.
Pummelcite (24 — new)
I friggin’ love this guy. BIG BOOM attacks, and now with Fault from the stone attack set to keep everyone flopping around… it’s just good smashing tank fun. Ran the respec trial, which was good, but while I really want to get teleport (or any move power), I just don’t want to give anything UP to get it.
Kethos (23)
Ran a couple missions. Good build. Not nearly as much ‘boom’ as Dolmen, to compare my other brute, but he’s pretty tough. Might need to dial down off the red/purple con missions.
Markov Chain (21)
Haven’t played him. This makes me sad.
Gilly (20)
Silly Gilly. If she weren’t my second oldest toon I’d remake her as an energy melee tank — I’m hamstringing the build by not taking footstomp.
Also… I just don’t play her that much.
Bear Claws (21)
Unlike Bear, who gets weekly lovin’. Love the build, and pretty much expecting to like it even more when I7 speeds up the animations on the attacks.
Dolmen (14)
Haven’t been able to play him in a week or so. Love the toon, though. Much boom.
Gavin (12)
Like Bear, Gavin benefits from having a commited amount of playtime, due to being in a group. I like dark melee, and I like regen, so it’s all good.
Aeric (8)
Every time I make up an Ice/Storm Controller, I love em. Then I don’t get time to play them. 😛
There are others, but that’s what I’m talking about right now.

Reading the Encyclopedia

You know what I’d like to do?

I’d like to make up a really rough sketch background against which to play around of Lexicon. “The Wose War and Scandal of Eddings Barony”, “The Atomic Apotheosis”, “The Parliamentary Assassination of 2128”

Get a group of people together and just… you know. Go to town.

Then, when it’s all laid out, set a game in the setting you all just created.

I think that would be fun. The problem would be that the Lexicon game itself might ‘finish’ the setting. Hmm.

“I prefer the term “gentleman adventurer.”

So I’ve been messing around with some Silver Age and Golden Age stylings…
Hype was… well, ugly, but yeah, he pretty much looks like a fire-guy from the 70’s.
Hang time is easy: go to the cape costume, flip on a few judicious SG colors, and drop the shades — I’m good.
Then I went to Bear Claws. I don’t know if I really got his swash buckled on straight, but I tell yah… I really like the final look, even if it’s not full-on vintage:
But… you see…
Folks, I did Strat up.
Dude looks like he should be swinging from a chandelier, or engaging in fisticuffs with a massive Nubian from the Dark Continent.

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Dress your Age

For those of you who are logging into CoH for the Golden/Silver Age party on Friday, allow me to provide linkage to a nice Guide to Golden and Silver Age Costumes

1) Be bold, not subtle. Bright, primary colors. Texture is also key. Silver Age is characterized by matte-tone “streamlining” with the advent of new fabrics like spandex, lycra, polyester, etc. In contrast, Golden Age heroes had to make do with older fabrics, layering (briefs over longjohns), bulky tech, combined with normal-style clothing (trenchcoats, yeah right). The Silver Age costume look tended toward being streamlined tights and simple costume elements, because artists were being pushed for faster turn-around overall. Again, mystic types were the exception, since they were anachronistic simply by virtue of having magic as the source of their powers. Armor was futuristic rather than archaic. The Golden Age buckled their swashes as “adventurers”, so flared boots, opera cloaks, and turned gloves edges were favored. Of important note is that anything vaguely alluding to juvenile deliquency was banned (sunglasses, motorcycle jackets)
2) Heroes of both eras concealed their identity, with few exceptions. Golden Age-style efforts to conceal one’s identity manifested as cowls, hoods, helms, archaic helmets. Silver Age heroes preferred domino masks, full face stockings or helmets, partial cowls and helmets, tiaras, crowns, or elected no mask at all. Moderate to excessive facial hair was discouraged as “sinister”, unless the character was a mystic type; female heroes wore their hair loose, usually shoulder-length (shorter hair revealing the back of the neck was scandalous; close-cropped would have been considered gender-bending). Pre-teen sidekicks, wearing outfits paralleling that of their mentors, with the boys wearing short sleeves, shorts or briefs, baring their legs almost as often as the girls (that’s what *I* noticed, anyway). Teenage heroes in their own right didn’t appear until the Silver Age.

Good stuff. It makes me want to log all my toons on and play with their costumes. 🙂
Sidenote: Anyone want to make next Monday a “Monday Munchies: Age of the Golden (Twinky)” and have everyone wearing whatever costume they cobbled together for the party (even if they didn’t go?) I’m thinking I want to do Bear up in some proper swashbuckling duds. 🙂

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PvP Coh Random thoughts

“If you bow at all, bow low.”
— Chinese Proverb
As noted here, in the comments, I messed around with some PvP stuff last night with Hype, both in PvP zones (I really like the PvE gameplay of Siren’s Call alot — I might actually rearrange Hype’s build — with the same slotting — so I have a few more options at level 30, but I digress) and in the Arena. Just had a few thoughts:
PvP fights are like a PvE fight that goes wrong: too much aggro on the wrong people, the bad guys are spread out too far, the damage is coming in too fast, and you can’t seem to track the key targets that will help you get control of the situation.
That’s the good and the bad, in a nutshell: it’s bad because it can be really frustrating and annoying and did I mention frustrating? It’s good, because if you actually manage to GET control of that wild situation and pull out a win (just like when things go badly in a PvE fight), you really feel GOOD about it.
These days, I pretty much know how to play my odds with most of my toons — there aren’t a lot of surprises on the PvE side of things, and while there’s a definite and long-lasting visceral enjoyment in mowing through ranks and ranks of baddies, my heart isn’t going to get all poundy-poundy, wondering if I’m going to make it — I KNOW I’m going to make it, or I KNOW I’m not going to make it, and I can see it coming. When I’m wrong, it’s usually over so quickly that I don’t have time to be surprised.
So… take an AV fight where you were just… sweaty palms, mashing the keys, emptying the inspiration tray, and muttering invective at the screen. Sometimes you’re dancing around afterward, fists in the air, and sometimes you’re swearing and clicking on the ‘Go To Hospital’ button and bitching about your nerfed powers.
That’s pretty much every PvP fight.
Other bits:
Hype is tough. I knew that for PvE. Now I know it for PvP. I don’t think I could actuallly get a kill on an anemic toddler without someone buffing me up, but he can take a hit. The biggest problem with that is just… getting the other team to FOCUS ON HIM. Taunt is total crap. That is all.
Fear powers in PvP are overpowered awesome. I look forward to Gavin in Siren’s call 🙂
I finally (this morning) grokked onto why Practiced Brawler is, truly, the Best Anti-Mez Power In CoH: it’s not a toggle. It cannot, therefore, be shut off. Integration? Yeah, it’s badass, but it’s a toggle.

Task Force: Munchie

There’s been talk and planning for doing the Synapse Task Force this Munchie Monday the 24th. I’d very much like to do this, and in order to pull it off I’d conjure that we need to get started early.
So: let’s get started early. I’m suggesting that folks try to get logged on by no later than 7:30 eastern, and preferably even a bit earlier, so we can get started and move through as much as possible in the shortest amount of time.
Also, who’s interested?

Double-plus geek

If you’re interested in staying up to date on the Game Calendar for Casa/Consortium events, and you use some kind of RSS feed-reader, point it at this address:
And you’ll see everything going on.

Week in review

Let’s see: since last CoH post, I’ve made up a LOT of new guys — sort of playing around to see what I like.

Bear Claws (level… 19 new) got a new toy added onto his claw-gloves from the dudes in the lab that he temps at as a test subject; this new thing like… shoots a claw blade at a guy from, like, range. So cool. (And it is. I friggin’ love the “Focus” claws power — ranged, fast, with a damn near 100% chance of knockdown for a lovely bit of soft control. Awesome.)
Also, finally wrote up the Hostess Heroes Origin Story, and posted a pix of Cheesy Poof.

Gavin McIntyre (level 11) is working with his ‘cousins’ on Victory-server.

… Prince Aeric (level 8 Ice/Storm controller) is also working over on Victory Shard. I really really like this powerset. Alot. Alotalot. Much.

Kilcannon (level 5 Mind/Trick Arrows Controller) is a reformed Lost, defending the city through his hero registration with FOUND House.

Dolmen (level 7 and climbing, baby — Stone/Dark brute) has a sort of tribal magic feel. I’ve got this idea that he’s from some kind of tropical island with a lot of native magical power — sort of an Easter Island with dark gods — he was the young, talented “priest”. Recluse wants him working for “The Destiny” that he envisions, and is basically holding Dolmen’s homeland hostage.
But he’s not a noble hero; it’s not like the guy really cares — he just wants to do what Recluse wants so he can go home — these people aren’t HIS people, so it doesn’t matter what he does to them — he basically treats it like a war with an opposing tribe, where the opposing tribe is “Everyone.”
I like him. A lot. Also, Stone Brutes hit HAAAAARD.

Zero at the Bone (level 4 Ice/Energy Tank) was a PCPD officer who was horribly maimed during the Rikti invasion. Through excruciating and extensive cybernetic reconstruction (thanks to a city-funded effort from Crey), he came back better.
The name? Well, he’s not a dumb jock. 🙂

And that’s it.

Week in review.

Let’s see: since last CoH post…

Markov (level 21ish) ran into Catelyn (spelling? I think that’s right), the younger sister of his old buddy from Eastgate High School. She’s all grown up now and working as a Hero in Paragon.
What did he do?
He lied and let her think he was some kind of superspy working deep undercover in the Rogue Isles, that’s what.
He’s not entirely sure.

Hyperthermian (level 50) got a message to meet up with Synoptic in Pocket D… villains side. Hmm.
They talked. It wasn’t awful. There was some smack-talking that ended up in them going out to throw-down in the Arena for a bit (0-0 draw, I used one inspiration). After that, they decided to sign up for the big multi-Coalition beat-down — win or lose, they’ll be really ANNOYING to fight. 🙂

Epitaph is working on the Boomtown Saints, and crawling toward security level 33 while hunting down Rikti in Crey’s Folly.

Pummelcite (23, new) participated in a recent Knight’s Night and is tracking down pieces of the Wheel of Destruction when he’s on his own. (Very much liking this build.)

Bear Claws (level… 18? new!) is raising a fine crop of illegal flora in the Hostess Heroes base.

Gavin McIntyre is working with his ‘cousins’ on Victory-server, namely a Slayer by the name of Sophie, and her pack of scoobies. Lots of fun stuff there. Surprising and enjoyable everytime.

In generally, I’m having a lot of fun with the big group activities, and I’m looking forward to setting up similar things with the Boomtown Saints. The one on one stuff is fun, don’t get me wrong, I love it — but since my time online is somewhat (and purposefully) limited these days, it’s nice to maximize face time with lots of people when opportunity presents.

Week or so in review

Last Wednesday, had a great, unexpectedly great, time on Victory server. Good stuff.
Friday: Firefly game, using Heroquest rules. Set up and rules are here. Good time, if a slow start.
Saturday: Spring Fountain Heroquest game. Thought it might be the big finale, but we got started late and didn’t get as far as I expected. However, with that said, the scenes we DID have were great.
Monday: Munchies. A blast as always.
Tuesday: Epitaph founded the Boomtown Saints supergroup and applied for membership in the Alliance.
The end.

Week in review

Right. Gaming.
Haven’t had any of that.
No FtF gaming, but Firefly (using Heroquest) is this Friday evening, and Spring Fountain is on Saturday evening, so that’s good.
I got the Ectoplasmic Badge with Epitaph… then ran the first Respec Trial with him. Decent XP. Already had that respec done, though, so just got an SO out of the deal. Fun time, though — did it with Lee (War Bones) and … well, stuff is just easier when you’re on a solid team up isn’t it?
Played Bear last Monday. Probably will tonight, if my right side stops twitching.
Is that it?
Oh, worked on the Soopersekrit Lowbie Of Doom (SLOD). Actually got into a good PUG with them — by virtue of forming it and running it myself. Was actually a lot of fun. This if for that thing that likely won’t even happen.
The annoying thing? I actually like playing the toon quite a bit — I like the powersets and play and even the look. It just isn’t likely to matter — eh. Maybe he can be my version of Margie Blue Point.

Week in Review

Messed around with a couple lower-level characters — notably Bear Claws (who I think still has (annoyingly) the hero-side of the Valentine’s missions to finish… so I need a villain to help me out there.
Got Toothbreaker with Keth and Myca, but not on Bear. Got… Handsome on… Pummelcite… and Beautiful for Gilly (both of whom are level 20 now, finally).
Everyone else? Hell, I didn’t even get most of my people logged in to pick up the “Heart of ____” badge.
Coming up, there’s Monday Munchies, then I’ve got a couple things I’m supposed to or need to do with John on Tuesday evening (hard to play him — just not fun for me since he got kicked out of the Guard — don’t ask me why, I dunno — so maybe the RP on Tuesday will help me get back into him). Would like to do some work with Markov’s missions — nothing like Assault Rifle snipers for the Zen of Soloing.
… other than that, no plans. With Spring Fountain this coming Friday, Margie Gras on Saturday, and a probable hangover on Sunday, I don’t expect to get a lot of play time this coming weekend, and I’ll be out of town the weekend after that, so… yeah, don’t expect a glut of stuff coming out of the CoH side of things in the nearish future.
Face to Face
Got everyone involved in the Firefly game together to do character generation. That went pretty well, and now I’m set to come up with some information on the NPCs that will make up the rest of the crew, as well as information on the ship itself. I’m pleased that the chargen went as well as it did, and I’m equally glad that I had the foresight (this time) to NOT jump right in and try to ‘run something’ — I think it’ll let me come up with a better backgroup for the characters, as well as a better plotline. Time to work on Bangs for everyone. 🙂
Need to set up some time to do the exact same thing with the Sorcerer group.
Spring Fountain, which is about 8 sessions into a roughly 10-session plotline, is meeting on Friday. I need to write up a ‘when we last left our heroes’ post for everyone, including myself. 🙂
And that’s it — a lot of prep, but also stuff to look forward to.

Random Updates

Blowing the dust (just dust, not Dust) off of the Game Calendar, since we’ve got stuff going on a bit more regularly in the near future.
Things to do:
Figure out a time to get together on character generation for the Sorcerer game. (Clicking Sands: Blood Simple)
Figure out a time (weekly or bi, mid-week-ish) to do Xian Quan via chat or IRC. I need to install AIM and look at the dice bot… and test out the ability to run multiple group-chat… things. What I want is one OOC ‘room’ for rolls and kibbitzing and one or two IC ‘rooms’ to have scenes running, concurrently… I know IRC can do it — dunno if AIM can… I’d rather run GTalk for it, but I don’t think it handles groups at all… or has a dicebot.
Note: need to take a look at WebRPG too. 😛