In which someone pats me on the back without realizing it.

Another fun Firefly moment:
I’m on a mailing list for the Risus RPG (which most of y’all had the opportunity to mess with a few weekends ago). Well, as silly as Kringle in Time is, some people actually use Risus to run fairly serious stuff, and one of the more popular topics of discussion right now is the year-long Play By e-Mail “Firefly Risus” game that someone’s running — there’s been a LOT of discussion about how to represent not only the canon characters and stuff, but on how to run a game set in the Firefly universe in general.
The best part for me was a couple days ago, when some guy I don’t know (and who doesn’t know me, or even know I’m on the list) piped up and said:
“One suggestion I have: no Firefly game of any kind, using either canon or non-canon characters, in any system, should go anywhere at all until the people creating it have had a chance to check out — it’s just invaluable.”
So… cue a big grin from me.
Because that… comments like that, from fans or near-fans, or writers or gamers… that’s just. exactly. why. I. built. the. site.

Channeling myself

“No one really listens to anyone else, and if you try it for a while you’ll see why.”
— Mignon McLaughlin
Seven people at the Casa last night, all connected to the internet and logged into CoH. Cool. Yay, wireless connectivity.
Of the seven, five or so had Coalition Chat on and were commenting on whatever was going on there.
Thanks to my friends for, seperately and as a whole, reminding me why I never have that channel on.

Okay, I can finally do an Ice/* tank…

City of Heroes: Defense Scaling

Ice Tankers and SR Scrappers have long lamented that Defense doesn’t scale with level. Because mobs higher level than a player possess an inherent to hit bonus, Defense isn’t as effective over levels as Resistance.
A while ago, peoople have requested something be done. Well, we’ve done a bunch of work and done this. Defense powers will now work equally well against critters, regardless of their rank or level. For instance, your defense powers will work equally well against a Boss or any critter up to 5 levels higher than you, as it does for an equal level minion. This change has no effect on a player who does not have any Defense.
This change is coming in I7

Holy CRAP! I mean… HOLY CRAP! That’s…
The first question out of everyone’s mouth was ‘what about bubbles?”
Seems like…
Well, this may be wishful thinking, but he said, “This change has no effect on a player who does not have any Defense.” The converse of that would be that it DOES have effect on a player that has ANY form of Defense. Be it Power Pool, buff placed on him by a teammate, SR Secondary, Force Field Primary or whatever.
Seems like. Programmers are a shifty, inherenty lazy lot (*looks shifty and inherently lazy as a sign of solidarity*), and doing anything other than making all the defense on a player work the same way would be *harder*.
I mean… wow. This is huge. Pummelcite’s going to be happy. P-siren’s gonna be happy. PUCK’s gonna be happy. Strat’s going to be happy…
Lots of happy.
*rolls up and Ice Armor Tank, since they won’t be so friggin’ broken anymore! Woo!

Nobilis Meets Amber…

Hitherby Dragons: Bang

There are twelve avatars, and the thirteenth which is Death.

It is normal for the royal family to produce fewer than twelve children in any generation. It is rare that there should be a thirteenth.

Thus there is no difficulty when an older child takes it upon themselves to walk down to the pit of the avatars and jump.

For example, one cannot consider Cedric selfish in any manner for taking the first of the twelve avatars.

When he made his choice he was fifteen and he had three siblings only. His condition was one of abundance. He walked down to the avatar pit. He stared down: the pit was deep and black and full of edged in sharp rocks. It resembled an ecstatic’s vision of the entryway to Hell. Cedric steeled himself against fear. Then he jumped.

As he fell he connected to an avatar. This proved his blood and confirmed him as a child of the throne. Great black wings surrounded him. Stars burned around his head. In this fashion he became one with Night.

Very cool. Check it.

Statesman says stuff

Original Post

First…I confirm that we’re working on right now (as in pohsyb in the next room) to add CoV costume parts into CoH if you own both games….
Then we repeal the hated stealth nerf. The reason why: many well reasoned posts. It’s that simple. You guys pointed out the problems.
AND now…we’re changing the way Archvillains spawn. A ton of forum goers disliked adding so many AV’s into missions a while back…so we’ve come up with a solution. If the team size and mission difficulty are ABOVE a certain level, an Archvillain spawns. Below that, players will face only an Elite Boss. If the mission is set on the first two levels of difficulty, it takes 4 heroes or more to spawn an Arch Villain. On the third level, 3 heroes or more. On the fourth level, 2 heroes. On the highest (Invincible), a solo hero will spawn an AV. Note this works in BOTH City of Heroes and Villains.
In order to incentivize lager teams, Positron is going to add a bonus to AV rewards!

So… in theory, if you’re on heroic, and you start, say… the Sarah Moore TF… and five players drop the TF… the final would be an Elite Boss. Weird.
Still… pretty cool for folks who prefer to solo or duo and currently *have* to get a team together to finish missions with AV’s in them (such as most of the Portal Corp stuff).

Poof, you’re sneaky again.

Stealth Nerf removed, for now

We’re going to be taking out this “stealth nerf” or “nerf to stealth” or whatever…
The original intent was to prevent riskless XP gain…but I agree that the implementation caused problems as noted here on the forums.
I REALLY like the Suppression idea brought up, but that’ll take some time to implement. So we’re just going to take it out until we can do it right.

I didn’t read back into the thread to find out what the ‘suppression’ suggestion was — anyone want to dig through that thread and post it here?

Funny, but not…

City of Heroes Official Forums

The scene: Four players and a DM are gathered around a kitchen table.
Statesman (in an ominous tone from behind his DM’s cardboard wall): You enter a dark, abandoned warehouse. In the distance you hear the scurrying sound of a rat.
Player 1: Okay, we leave the first room.
Statesman: You enter a long hallway, filled with cobwebs and heavy with the scent of dust. A short distance ahead of you, three Hellions are having a discussion about something, unaware of your presence.
Player 2: I cast Group Invisibility on the team and we all walk past the Hellions.
Statesman: No!
Player 2: No?
Statesman: You have to fight them.
Player 2: But I used Group Invisibility. They can’t see us. We’re walking past.
Statesman: Um…it doesn’t work.
Player 3: What?
Statesman: Yeah, the invisibility doesn’t work because your hats are made from a space-age fabric that is resistant to molecular modification, which is what invisibility does. Because of this, the Hellions have spotted you.
Player 3: That’s absurd.

The whole thing is quite funny… and sad.

Face to face gaming? People do that?

Potentially running two face to face games this coming week while Aaron and Kate are at the Casa:

Ancient China. Wire-fu. Old, jealous gods. Young, jealous nobles: Xian Quan

And this other bit of wackiness:

The holiday season means a lot of things to a lot of people. For some it’s the pristine beauty of a snow-crusted country evening, warmed by a comfortable helping of mulled wine. For others, it’s the rat-race of an adrenaline-charged City Christmas, with eager shoppers in search of unique playthings to give to each other. To many, it means placing familiar objects lovingly on a tree, and gathering with family to forget the worries of an ailing world for a few days.
Christmas is not — traditionally — a time of high adventure and danger.
But there was a Christmas (not too long ago) when something extraordinary happened. When a handful of people came face to face with what they knew was the true magic of Christmas.
So they killed it.
This is their tale.

Just the thing for a post-holiday slump, no?
The nice thing is: all the participants are geeks, so if the game stories don’t wrap up nice and neat, we can play in a group chat or something until it wraps up.
Or something… random thought, that. Anyway.
*goes off to write Bangs.

Story: correction/expansion

In the week in review I wrote:

* Ren and John have been spending a lot of time together as part of “Working Girl”, which is a really fantastic story.

This is inaccurate. Should read:

* Ren and John started spending a lot of time together, due to “Working Girl”, but it’s gone well past that story which, if you read Working Girl — turned out to be the point.

More after the cut…