Saint of Death

Terminus ex  Deus, Death


Death's Thought-Record

"That is not dead 
Which can eternal lie."

NAME : Terminus Ex Deus (previous name unknown)

Imperator: Amaciel

Age: 10,478 years

Gender: Male

Appearance: Tall and thin to the point of emaciation, sporting a perfectly trimmed spade-style beard


REALM  1  


Glory (despair), Eternal, Worldwalker, Durant (Free)


Straightforward (via Imperator)

Summonable (via Imperator)


Code: Dark


Bonds and Anchors:

Anchor - Escobar (mortal sorcerer) (2)

The Death of Lord Entropy (3)

The Pale Horse (3 points)

The Sword (2 points)

The Death of All Living Things (10 points)



In some ways, the Pawn of Death has never changed.  In the beginning, Amaciel found it necessary to bring about a servant/soldier in whom he could place utmost trust.  A search through the world of men brought him a creature, technically a man, who embodied what was needed.  The essence of this man was purified and forged into a weapon; a greatsword named Terminus Ex Deus, “The Boundary of God”.  After millennia of use, the man was released from the sword, his transformation into a useful Power complete.


Now, however, things have changed.  Terminus affected revenge upon Amaciel for his treatment, expunging a deca-millenia of hatred from his heart and transforming himself in the process.


Not long thereafter, he learned that his long years of punishment and mistreatment had actually been ordered by Lord Entropy for a crime he had only recently committed (albeit in the distant past, relatively-speaking).


Needless to say, his goals have shifted somewhat.

[The Power of Death is played by Lee Kenyon.]