Ambrose Donner, 
Duke of Electricity

The flower of the Estate.

Donner's Thought-Record

"It's good to be the Thunder God."
  -- Ambrose Donner, Duke of Electricity


GIFTS: Durant, Elemental, Immutable, 'Teleport' through wires, Flight

(5) Anchor: Gwen Raiden, woman of the Chancel with uncontrollable electrical powers, (love)
(2) Anchor: Mitchell Skinner, FBI Paranormal Activities Division Director (hate)
(5) Mortal Family: mother, 2 brothers, sister, 2 nieces (bro 1), 1 nephew (bro 2)
(1) Pet Cat (Fishhook) -- who's still hiding.
(3) Chancel's people
(1) UCLA class ring
(2) Theramin collection

 In-play Restrictions
  Straightforward: (family flaw)
  Summonable: 1 MP (family flaw)

Affiliation: Code of the Wild


Ambrose is one of the newer nobles in the familia; he enNobled as the Power of Electricity about five years ago.  He is the last of many incarnations of Electricity that have served the Imperator over the years -- most retire when their interpretation of the Power no longer applies and the Estate itself has been around since almost the beginning.  In the first incarnations of itself the Power was the spark of life in primordial soups, then it was the energy flickering across the sky.  Later, the spark of life moved into transformers and turbines and in the most recent incarnation, it is the secret jolt that slips life into computer chips.  As the estate evolves, so too does the power.

In the current incarnation, Ambrose Donner finds himself the master of a complex and powerful estate that touches all parts of the Humanity that he makes every effort to maintain a personal connection with -- once he's lost his human joy of the job, he figures it's probably time to give the job up, and right now he doesn't want that.

Ambrose is a natural for the role and finds his estate flexible and easy to handle.

[The Power of Electricity is played by Randy Trimmer.]