Mariska's Thought-Records

A purple Hyacinth with irregular petals. In the background a Virulent poison green circle, lightly spattered with translucent darkness.

By Seigfried Sassoon

You told me, in your drunken-boasting mood,
How once you butchered prisoners. That was good!
I'm sure you felt no pity while they stood
Patient and cowed and scared, as prisoners should.

How did you do them in? come, don't be shy:
You know I love to hear how Germans die,
Downstairs in dug-outs. "camerad" they cried;
Then squeal like stoats when bombs begin to fly.

And you? I know your record. You went sick
When orders looked unwholesome: then, with trick
and lie, you wangle home. And here you are,
Still talking big and boozing in a bar.

NAME: Mariska - Vicomitissa of Guilt

Aspect: 1 (AMPs: 5)
I can emulate Bruce Willis in Die Hard or Val Kilmer in Real Genius. I can hear Ninja foot steps in a stairwell. I can remember an entire phone book. Winning at checkers is no challenge. My charisma is at the same level as Robert E. Lee. I can do "Normal" miracles for free.

Immutable: I age slowly and can survive without food, sleep, water, or air.
Durant: I am tough to kill.

Domain: 2 (DMPs: 7* (see limits)) 
Spirits of the Domain respect but do not necessarily obey me. Those aligned with my estate see me as exemplary. I can do up to Lesser Divinations for free.

Wayfinder: I can see into and through secret places. I can sense them from miles away. ML 2

Manifestation (2 MPs) (Apathy opposes)
You are vulnerable to things directly opposed to your Estate (light vs. darkness, water vs. fire, lies vs. honesty, etc.). Your powers cannot directly affect such things and/or they do you more harm.

Realm: 3 (RMPs: 8* (see limits))
My Imperator might assign me to deal with other powers and arranging mortal resources. He also might share secrets about other powers with me. I always know where the Heart of the Chancel is. Other Noble's are usually polite, and are very hesitant to challenge me on my home turf. I am attuned to know anything specific about the Chancel. I can call upon a cadre of solder's that are fully equipped.

Hated (3 MPs)
The inhabitants of your chancel don't like you, and the higher your Realm level, the More they hate you and the more organized is the conspiracy against you. They may not act openly against you (since you are a Noble, after all), but any time they might have an opportunity to screw you in some way large or small, count on being screwed.

Spirit: 2  (SMPs: 5)
I have a fairly strong soul and I am difficult to affect with Nobel miracles. I can deeply sway the listener and sway their future decisions. A hail of bullets causes nicks and scrapes to me if I have performed the Rite of Holy Fire. I can get into exclusive night clubs and VIP rooms, and fly across country for free.

 Dr. Tustin Niemi - Radio talk show host
 Christofer Imperioli - (daughter's ex-husband and former 'family man') (h)
 CGB Spender - An agent of a nefarious Cabal.

 (3) Sanctity of Estate
 (3) Chancel
 (2) Dr. Tustin Niemi (h)
 (2) Christofer (daughter's ex-husband) (h)
 (2) CGB Spender (h)
 (2) Her Doctorate
 (2) Her Daughter (Ofra)
 (1) Her Astin-Martin DB7 Vantage
 (3) Her Familia

Limits - General:
Cold Imperator
Bright Warning (Imperator)
Summonable (1 MP) -- When the Poem Atrocities is spoken clearly with meaning and purpose (specifically, to summon).

1. Suffering and Corruption are inextricably linked.
2. Suffering is Truth.
3. Guilt is the highest form of Suffering.

[The Power of Guilt  is played by Stan Pedzick.]