Macy, Baroness of Lust


Macy's Thought-Record

NAME Macy Hamilton, Baroness of Lust

ASPECT 5  "Exemplar"
DOMAIN 1  "Baronet"
REALM  0  "Citizen"
SPIRIT 3  "Sunfire"

  Personal Glory (as Glorious, but one target. Incites Lust) 1 
  Dim Warding (Imperator)
  Durant (Imperator)

 1 Jessica Jones, stripper turned NY madam (L)
 2 Rev. Darrin Wilson, fundamentalist preacher (H)
 3 Unnamed

(4) Anchor 1
(2) Anchor 2
(4) Rebecca Dorin (journalist friend)
(3) Legalization of Prostitution 
(2) Victoria's Secret 
(3) Fine food and Drink
(2) Chocolate

In-play Restrictions 
    Respectful: I will not harm those who serve my Estate. 1 MP 
    Straightforward: (via Imperator)
    Summonable: (via Imperator)

Affiliation: Code of the Fallen 
    1. Corruption is the highest principle
    2. Suffering is a form of corruption
    3. Power justifies itself.


Currently, Macy's background is somewhat in doubt.  She is the newest enNobled of the family and finds her estate difficult to manage and control.  She was, prior to her enNoblement, an 'agent' anchor -- the sort of anchor that was given more dangerous missions and assignments -- when she received the Power (thanks to a Redtooth Rite performed on the former Power of Lust -- her ex-master), her physical Prowess and strength of Spirit carried through more powerfully than her attachment to either her Estate or Chancel.

[The Power of Lust is played by Jackie.]