----- Nobilis Summary Sheet -----

----- ASPECT -----
I have an Aspect of ___, so I can perform:
  Aspect ___ miracles or lower for free
  Aspect ___ miracles for one Aspect MP (AMP)
  Aspect ___ miracles for two AMPs
  Aspect ___ or ___ miracles for four AMPs.
  I can work higher miracles,but only as a Word of Command. (8 AMPs)

Aspect miracles and Gifts, even the free ones, cost me an extra ___ Aspect or Spirit MPs if I use them through an Anchor.
--- Aspect MIRACLE LEVELS ---
0. Professional. Fighting like a first-degree
black belt, running like a track star, etc.
Outperforming anyone except an expert in that field.
1. World Class. Fighting like an eighth-degree
black belt, winning a bronze (or silver, or *maybe*
gold) Olympic medal, catching an arrow.
2. Unbeatable. Setting world records. Anything a
human could do if he were the best in the world
at that field. "Guising".
3. Improbable. Anything a human could only
theoretically do. Action movie stunts, running
on fencetops, punching through steel.
4. Legendary. Something impossible that you
*could* believe that a human once did. Talking
down an army, throwing a car, tracking by scent.
5. Impossible. Doing something a human *could not* do without breaking the laws of physics. Catching bullets, juggling 100 knives, "Wire-fu" stunts.
6. Reality-bending. Superhero stunts. Running at Mach 3, knocking over a skyscraper, smelling an unwounded man's blood type, "Matrix" stunts.
7. Breaks Local Reality. Damn near anything that's easy to imagine and doesn't affect a huge area. Swallowing a tank, killing with a look.
8. Reality-breaking. As above, but unlimited in area. Causing earthquakes with a stomp, jumping between continents, blowing away a huge army.
9. Anything. The most complicated, detailed, vast, and powerful miracles. Hiding a mountain in your shirt, carrying France, inhaling the atmosphere.
----- DOMAIN -----
I have a Domain of ___, so I can perform:
  Domain ___ miracles or lower for free
  Domain ___ miracles for one Domain MP (DMP)
  Domain ___ miracles for two DMPs
  Domain ___ or ___ miracles for four DMPs.
  I can work higher miracles,but only as a Word of Command. (8 DMPs)

I can use Domain miracles through an Anchor without spending extra MPs.
----- REALM -----
I have a Realm of ___, so I can perform:
  Realm ___ miracles or lower for free
  Realm ___ miracles for one Realm MP (RMP)
  Realm ___ miracles for two RMPs
  Realm ___ or ___ miracles for four RMPs.
  I can work higher miracles,but only as a Word of Command. (8 RMPs)

I can use Realm miracles through an Anchor without spending extra MPs.
-- Domain/Realm MIRACLES --
0. Estate-driven Divination
1. Ghost Miracles
2. Lesser Divinations
3. Lesser Preservations
4. Lesser Creations
5. Lesser Destructions / Major Divinations
6. Lesser Changes / Major Preservations
7. Major Creations
8. Major Destructions
9. Major Changes
----- SPIRIT -----
I have a Spirit of ___. My Auctoritas protects me against hostile miracles, unless the attacker adds Penetration effect (usually their own MPs) to overcome it. I can use Rite of the Last Trump to turn ___ MPs into one MP of any type that I need. I must renew the Rite of Holy Fire once every _______________; it protects me against mundane attacks equivalent to (check all that apply in next window):
- OVERKILL: Nuclear Weapons
- EXCESSIVE: Anti-Tank Rockets; Avalanches
- OVERWHELMING: Machine-guns; Grenades; Poison Gas
- DEADLY: Guns; Vehicular Assault; Most Spirits
- DANGEROUS: Knives; Claws; Fangs; Baseball Bats
- PETTY: Punches; Kicks; Small Animal Bites

(If it's at all wanted, permission is given to post this on any Nobilis website, including Nocturne.org and Chancel.org, with attribution.) I know I'm not the first HG to make one of these, but I thought I'd share it with the list in case it saves anyone some time or effort. This is what will become the handout every player gets with their character sheet, to reference miracle levels and what they can do during the game...
-- Rev. Pee Kitty, of the order Malkavian-Dobbsian, Q4B4L! (Meow!)
-- (Word processing by Nuyen)