Siān's Thought-Records

I serve the Light, but I do not look upon it.
The Light stands behind me, and my shadow is cast upon those who offend it.
I bring pain and death to those who would harm the flock.
I am not the savior of the victims, though I hear their cries to be saved.
I am not their vengeance, though their vengeance is served.
I am Nemesis to the guilty.
I am Punishment.

Siān Ewig was one of the police detectives (male at the time, named Sion) who worked the Jack the Ripper cases in Whitechapel. His outrage at the fact that this killer of helpless women was both getting away with his crimes and that it was being covered up by those in charge attracted the attention of the being that would become his Imperator. EnNoblement changed many things about Siān, most notably her gender (necessary for a number of complicated reasons), but she welcomed the power and calling that came with it -- she is one of her Imperator's senior Nobilis (second only to The Graf), and one of the most dedicated, if not most trusted.

[The Power of Punishment is played by Dave Hill.]

NAME Siān Ewig, Viscountess of Punishment

Aspect 5
Domain 2
Realm  0
Spirit 1

MP @ 5 each, plus the 2 from the Spear.


  • Durant (via Imperator)
  • Immutable
  • Nemesis Spear (Focus: (Aspect +1, Flight and Personal Glory))
    • Personal Glory (1) ("Your Doom is Upon You, Man.") (not necessarily equivalent to Fear, depending on the individual.  As Glorious, but 1 target.) (in spear)
    • Flight (in spear)

 Virtue: Just

 Summonable            1 MP
 Protect the Innocent  1 MP

Cold Imperator 
Bright Warning

(5) A-L) Alanna Metcalf, detective captain, New Scotland Yard
(2) A-L) Suzette Collette, President, International Sex Workers Union
(5) B) Police 
(5) B) Poor Women
(3) B) The Punishment of Corrupt Officials

Surface 3, Serious 2, Deadly 2

AFFILIATION Code of Light 
  1 Humanity must live, and live forever.
  2 What must be done should be done cleanly.
  3 Humans must be protected, particularly from themselves.