June, Dame Reality

Indian Jasmine (Attachment)

June's Thought-Record

from The Last Night Of The Earth Poems--Charles Bukowski

you may not believe it
but there are people
who go through life with
very little
friction of distress.
they dress well, sleep well.
they are contented with
their family
they are undisturbed
and often feel
very good.
and when they die
it is an easy death, usually in their

you may not believe
but such people do

but i am not one of
oh no, I am not one of them,
I am not even near
to being
one of
but they
are there

and I am

"Leave it better than the way you found it."
    -- June, Dame Reality

NAME June, Dame Reality

Imperator: Amaciel Cathetel, world serpents, "Student of the Cycle of Life and the Human Condition."
   Age: 70
   Gender: Female
   Looks: Little old lady with twinkly blue eyes.

ASPECT 0  "Form is mortal. Mind is normal."
DOMAIN 4  "Duchess"
REALM  0  "Citizen"
SPIRIT 5  "Conflagration"

  Unblemished Guise (Looks mortal, even to the Sight)
  Durant (1 pt): (imperator's gift)
  Dim Warding (via Imperator)

(3) Anchor: Hank (love) -- Poet, degenerate, and drunkard. Agent.
(2) Anchor: Jonathan Lee Jonson (Hate) -- evangelical TV preacher. Faith Healing and social influence.
(1) *Unnamed anchor
(1) *Unnamed anchor
(1) *Unnamed anchor
(2) Good cookin'
(2) Imperator (Yeah, he's dead. --I don't care if this costs me some miracle points; she adored the guy.)
(5) Creation
(1) Her decendants
(2) Children

In-play Restrictions 
    Summonable: 1 MP 
(This must be done with the intent to summon.) Leave something tasty, like chocolate eclairs, a plateful of cookies, foine Irish whiskey, or an intricately garnished plate of Lobster Americaine on a table, windowledge, etc., say, "This had better be here when I get back," and leave the room. Reality will appear and proceed to eat whatever it was you left out.
    Kind: I will not harm children or the helpless. 1 MP 
    Hospitality Gene: I must accept hospitality and will not harm those who share such with me. 1 MP
    Straightforward (via Imperator)
Affiliation: Code of Light 
    1. Humanity must live, and live forever.
    2. What must be done ought to be done cleanly.
    3. Humans must be protected (particularly from themselves).


June was enNobled in the mid-1970's, taken from a nursing home by Amaciel as she lay suffering painful bouts of arthritis. She misses the illusions of the mundane world, but is driven to protect her Estate (and by extension, the whole of Creation).

[The Power of Reality is played by De Knippling.]