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Player Name

Meera The Fierce?


In over her head, did things she shouldn't, now fighting desperately against the dark (despite her attraction to it.)

Story Arc


I've done bad things. (Atonement)

Screen Presence

(2) - 1 - 2 - 2 - 3 - 1

Personal Set

Athame and her magical implements.



  • Sorceror. Sorcery. That old Black Magic (from the depths of etc.)


  • "Lacey" (a mysterious figure referred to as "The Black Wing" by the Fae.)
  • "Missing" Daughter (Nita.)

Other Notes

  • Lacey can appear as male or female. This doesn't seem to bother Sienna at all.

Fan Mail


Casting notes

Sienna is played by Allura (picture from Hollow Art (Allura))


Pilot: "The Hill"

"Can you tell me I didn't [replace the children]? I don't remember." Sienna (to Lacey)
"I'm ...pretty sure you didn't." Lacey

"Sometimes I doubt I love you." Sienna (to Lacey)
"That hurts." [pause] "I'm wounded." Lacey

"This is the safest place in the world." Lacey (to Sienna)
"Except for people like me." Sienna
"Except for people like you." Lacey

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