In a Gaming with Minatures thread on the Forge, Mike Holmes described a recent minis game with his three-year old son:

When attacking, Alex rolls the scattegories die (d20 with leters on each side), and, if he can correctly identify the letter, hits the creature for one point of damage.

Then he describes what happens, using a key word in the description that starts with the letter his kid rolled. Genius.


  1. Hmmmmmm …
    Kitten was having a good time at Margie’s game the other night. She understood about conflict, about what it meant when the miniatures were knocked down, etc.
    This might be a neat addition …

  2. That’s fantastic 🙂
    Tim’s a little beyond that at this point. He’s playing D&D minis with me, but with a very abridged rules set. He has a *blast*, though.
    He certainly gets his math exercise playing it 🙂

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