CoH: Eden Trial

I’m not putting this up on the forums, because I’ve no intention at all of making this a free-for-all, first come, first served kind of arrangement because, frankly, the Eden Trial is a stone cold nightmare and I want to pick and choose the team. Most of the team reads this site, so…
Here’s what I’m thinking.

* Hype and Syn will be level 39 tonight sometime, probably. This brings the Eden Trial within range, technically.
* Because of the extremely narrow level-range for the trial, SK-ing to the auto-exemped (to level 41) level 50’s won’t be possible.
This means the options are:
1. Run it ‘now’ (this weekend):
** Cons: Everything will be +4 to Hype and Syn (not really a big deal, but suboptimal for getting Holds and buffs off).
** Pros: Avoids the big changes from i5 that will upgrade this Trial from Nasty to Hellish.
2. Run it ‘later’ (when Hype and Syn get to 41):
** Con: I5 will most probably be in place by that point, making the whole thing an experiment in finding out what will work (all the holds are short duration, etc.).
** Pros: Everyone involved will be around the level-max, making the group as a whole more effective, and if the ‘bug’ with level 41’s autoexemping to… level 41 is still in place, I don’t have to worry about debt when we try out different ways of beating this thing.
My optimal group for this would be:
1. Hype
2. Syn
3. Shock
4. Kin
5. Mal
Beyond that:
6. Another blaster
7. Someone else with Holds (Puck needs 4 more levels, alas)
8. Another tank


  1. Let’s give it a go this weekend. I’ll max out Syn’s acc’s and buffs.

  2. I think, ideally, Hype and Syn would be maxed at 41 and Puck would get her tiny feet and the rest of her up to 39.
    Van for the other blaster spot would rock.

  3. Or…we could run it after I5 comes out and prove all the doomsayers wrong.
    Or…we could run it before AND after just cuz.
    And, I’m wandering off to spread my insanity elsewhere now. 🙂

  4. Ooh…
    Run it once, using Kin’s Evil Hack ™.
    Again, straight, pre-i5 standard.
    Again, post-i5, just to prove it can be done 🙂
    So many DE, so little time.

  5. I’ll spend my free respec finally to get Intangible then so we can see if my evil idea will work sometime tonight.
    If we get a day / time chosen for this weekend, I can make sure to be around that day.

  6. I’m kicking myself as I say this, but I could probably do it sometime this weekend, if you want Noelle’s holds. As long as everyone promises not to yell orders like Dottie/Lightning. Or aggros the entire room. (Hey, Bill, you reading this!?)
    Also, cause I miss you guys!

  7. Good…that give me some time to get 4 levels. 🙂
    Still working on uses for wormhole.
    -A nice pull for small mobs…mostly because they show up disoreinted and stagger around a lot.
    -Firing them up to the elevation ceiling, while very entertaining, not very useful.
    -Going to have to see if in can snag Lt’s or Bosses.
    -Useful for snagging runners.
    -Nice for pulling baddies off of team mates.
    For such a high level power, you would think it would be…better…and something you would use a lot.

  8. Though I think I screwed myself with the last time I respec’ed, so need to redo a few things. Gah. Can one of you please stand over my shoulder and tell me what I need to take and when?

  9. Didn’t get to using my free respec for Intangible last night. Going to do it today instead and ditch Power Push for Invis and Total Focus for Intangible for the time being.
    As for Wormhole… How about gathering a distant group of baddies in close to a nearer group so they can all get Nova’d at once?

  10. Ohhhhh….
    I like that idea.
    Still working on the timeing of folks going nova so that I can hold the mob, and have the nove go off so that neither the blaster or I draw aggro.
    But, wormwholing one group on top of another and then a hold and boom…should be worth trying. Might have to find a good train/portal mission just so I can practice all of these ideas and see what works.
    I’ll need to find a group that will let me play for a bit at the end of the mission for training purposes.

  11. So, are we talking timing and specifics yet? Sunday may be my best day, but I might be able to make another time, if you want to do it this weekend. If you want me along.

  12. Ok, man, I’m demanding. This is apropos of nothing in particular, but this thread got me thinking, and BAD things always happen when I do that. I’m trying to figure out the best way to respec Noelle, but I can’t work the CoH planner thingie. Can anyone check out my little thread on the Alliance board and lend a hand? Or email me directly. Whichever.

  13. My schedule this weekend is up in the air.
    When did you have in mind?

  14. Ok…
    Got to play with Wormhole this weekend. With a team consisting of Noelle/Puck/Rose Mage (rose mage is a lot of fun…don’t tell me who the alt is and ruin it for me :)). With Puck and Noelle locking them down, Puck was able to Wh them into a nice little tight pack on top of Noelle’s ice patch.
    Very nice.
    Later, with Hype/Syn/Rayne/Puck got to work on grabbing scattered mobby bits and dropping them near and in between Puck and Hype…reminding them that they really wanted to be in his firey goodness.
    So…some uses for wormhole.
    One thing that I noticed was that If I had a hold on them first and then WH’d them, they came through in a nice solid pack. I am not going to slot knock back for it since I want a nice solid pack of baddies on the target location. I will slot disorient for it.
    Best moment of the weekend…
    Getting told by Baron Rufus and Silver Streak that Puck is the best controller since Mal. *Glee*
    Worst part…
    Nine deaths doing the Envoy of Shadow mission…twice.
    Sooooo hate the CoT.

  15. Puck is a TOTALLY awesome controller, and since I frequently have no idea how to use the technical aspects of the game for the best tactics, I’m not even going to be hurt that Noelle’s ex-boyfriend and team leader think an outsider is better than she is!
    I mean, I’m totally not.
    Go Puck!!

  16. Cool Puck! Can definately see the fun in Wormhole. Get Hype to flame up and stand in a hole in the ground or something and you can drop stuff onto him for him to hold aggro on. All the fun of herding, but with a lazy tanker and a busy controller.
    Well, Eden trial had us finding out that the Crystal Titan is Decieve’able, but its resistance magnitude is so high it’ll take more then one illusion controller to make it stick and last for any length of time it seems.
    Still, we just stomped on that trial.
    Post I5 though, the trick I had in mind for the Crystal Titan’s room won’t work. Phase Shift will have a 30 second timer on it and it’ll take longer then that for the Titan’s room to gather. I might someday need to beg Puck to take Dimension Shift ( An otherwise kind of useless power, basically it makes a team mate intangible for a period of time. It is a click, no idea on duraction but should last longer then Phase Shift’s 30 second timer, would have to talk someone into testing it on the Test Center first. ) to pull my devilish trick off.
    Which means as soon as the new free respec arrives, going to have to use it to ditch Invis and Phase shift and pick Total Focus and Power Push back up. ( Now the question is… Do I six-slot Power Push for knockback… Just because I can… )

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