1. Well…when presented that way…it all looks very good. I will run Zazi and see what happens, and then see if I need to respec her. Most likely Stealth will go away.

  2. Ran Puck hunting in Croatoa with Darkthorn…looks to be a lot of fun. Dubh and Cuinas are going to have a great time there.
    Ran one mission with her…..and…
    1. Perma pets are great, but I am going to sot the time enh. to a damage enh. Singularities are no longer nigh-invulnerable.
    2. Controllers are no longer controllers. There is no real reason to having them on a team anymore, since the only hold that they canto is a single hold. The mob holds look to be in the 600 second range. So its like nova with out being useful. So I will now have to reslot it Acc/Acc/Time/Time/Time/Time/Time just be a controller again.
    3. The 16 limit on mass holds really never came into play?.because I only got to do that every 10 minutes or so.
    So?Controllers are now pet-trollers.
    Can?t solo.
    And there are no good reasons to have them on a team.

  3. Noelle…You get one 1 to 3 pets depending on type. Grav is Singularity…one. It use to not take damage….and if I popped some bubbles on it. I could pop it on a mob run back around a corner…do that again….and they never died.
    One nice new little thing. While not very useful, was a nice touch. Your pets now have your name.
    The upper limit on mass holds is 16…this was not an issue.
    The only way Puck could do missions before was to mass hold a mob, reduce it to one or two baddies and then deal with them one by one. You won’t be able to do that anymore.
    But thankfully we have Pets, so we sould be fine since that is really all we will be able to do along with single holds.
    I’ll play around with the time issues tonight, If I can’t get it to a useful amount of time I will respec out of the mass hold to Forcebolt since I am going to have to do damage quickly now.

  4. I believe what Puck’s saying is that:
    … since ‘true’ controllers (IMO) are those that can actually control the enemy (prevent them from doing anything useful)
    …and the most useful powers in that regard are group-effect mass-holds such Glacier and others like Blind,
    … and those Group-holds have had their recharge time dramatically increased…
    That controllers are no longer useful as anything other than a pet-troller. (Or, as I prefer, a “Summoner”.
    I have a few thoughts on the mass-hold thing, and I’m finding they’re very much like the thoughts I’ve had on a lot of powers whose recharge got knocked pretty bad.
    BD, I don’t know how you had your group holds slotted before, but I would HIGHly suggest trying out something like this before going acc, acc, rech, rech, rech, rech:
    Acc, Acc, Rech, Rech, Hold*, Hold*.
    * – or whatever
    Just… try it out, see what you get in the way of recharge times. I *think* you’ll find that playable, without having to sacrifice everything for the sake of speed.
    This thought comes after a lot of playing around with Hype last night, and I’m going to put out there that there’s a few similarities between the problems Puck has what he has:
    Puck: Hold recharge times close to doubled.
    Hype: Burn recharge time increased by FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY PRECENT. (was: 10 seconds, is now: 45 seconds)
    Now, up to this point, Hype’s had his Burn slotted with 6 damage. After playing around with reslotting, I settled on 4 damage and 2 recharge. With just the two recharge in there, I got the recharge down from 45 seconds to 22ish? (And yeah, I had a stopwatch out and I was timing all this stuff down to the second, with and without Speed Boost on.) 3 SO recharges got it down to 17 seconds or so, which I might end up doing once I play with it a bit more.
    Anyway, the point it that with just two (Green, SO) recharges in there, I was seeing better than a 50% reduction in recharge times. I was, frankly, expecting to need 3 SO’s for that, but 3 SO recharges were giving me about 62% reduction.
    Nice thing about those big recharge times: they drop PRETTY dramatically with every Rech SO you drop in there.
    My initial thoughts are that non of the AT’s are suddenly unplayable — slotting strategies will definitely change, and the new ‘workable’ strategies will result in less damage, which just means folks will work a bit slower.

  5. Actually, thinking about it, the 22 and 17-second rechage times were with Speed Boost on… and since Speed Boost is (I think) basically like having another recharge-rate SO, on… maybe..
    I dunno. I can’t remember that non-Speed-boosted times, but my thought is the the sweet spot on Rech SO’s is going to be around 3.

  6. I’m so glad I have you guys around to tell me how to slot my holds and all that. I’ll look forward to futzing around with things on Monday. In the meantime, I just keep trolling these little discussions!

  7. One nice thing for you two, Puck and Noelle, Dispersion Bubble from Force Field now offers Psionic Defense, making you one of I think only 3 ways in-game for people to get any form of Psi Defense ( the other two being Empathy – Fortitude and one of the Dark Miasma powers that I forget ).

  8. Reduced Rularuu Boss bas Accuracy from 90% to 75%
    Now wonder these things were such a pain in the neck… They all had a higher base accuracy before ( and still ) then other boss types.

  9. Ok…
    Redid Grav Distortion (mass hold) currently 4 slots:
    200 sec.

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