Seven Super(s) Days

As noted elsewhere, HT and Shock both dinged 50 this week, so that was really the big news. Lots of 50-dings this week, actually, kick-started by Kin’s the week previous: HT, Liberty Bill, Shock, Malcalypse… a couple others. Pretty crazy. Expect a glut of kheldian applicants to the Alliance.
[[deleting snarky ‘despite better judgement’ comment]]
In other news:
1. Hype and Syn dinged 36.
2. Created a couple Kheldians, one of which (the warshade) I’m sort of already suspecting I might have screwed up, but if there’s a free respec coming out with i5, I’ll keep leveling her up as is and just fix things then (reduce reliance on human-form powers, so I can open up massive slotting on the squid form, whereas the Peacebringer may be pure human, all the way).
3. I’ve finally ported a few characters over to the Test server to take a look at I5, since there will be a lot of respeccing for some of my characters. Thus far, I’ve made copies of Strategist, Gilly, Hype, and HT. Reports and musing on that in the near future.
4. I don’t have enough time to play all the characters I want to play.


  1. Awwwwww……Puddums. 🙂
    *calculates that I might get to 50 by christmas*

  2. Oh, I am so far behind all of you on getting to 50. So far.
    Noelle’s like the little kid sister tagging along with all the cool heroes. But, you know, don’t tell anyone I said that.

  3. “I don’t have enough time to play all the characters I want to play.”
    Here. Cry on my shoulder. Right here.

  4. I sooo want four more character slots per server… At least four more… Got 8 now on Champion and don’t want to delete any of them ( except maybe my fire/kin controller ) but got all kinds of ideas for new alts especially with new I5 powers…

  5. Kheldian commentary quickly…
    Personally, I am liking full-human for both, simply as the Nova form feels like playing a neutered blaster with 4 attacks, fly, stamina and nothing else.
    That said, at level 6 it just feels scary powerful and if you just want to level and street hunt, is ideal for that. I just didn’t like it much in missions as it felt kind of clumsy ( plus the way it wiggles makes it hard for me to play and keep a straight face ).
    Either way, things to keep in mind, powers like Hasten can’t be used while in Nova form, but you can click them before shape changing and the effects last. This includes the PBR Essence Boost / Dull Pain which can get you more health and some toxic res while in Nova form.

  6. I felt both my Khelds were frustrating to play in the lower levels. Nova is the uber-blaster-no-def power and will get you through a lot of the slog. And slog you will till you hit the late 20’s-early 30’s. My WS is a breeze to play in human form now and is more of a kin/dark offender flavor (I don’t know how else to describe her). My PB is still hovering at 30, waiting for Croatoa, but if all of the missions are going to have a void in each and every mob (so unappealing and very disappointing), I may push her as close to 50 before I5 hits and keep one of my other mid range gals for that content.
    I’m planning on keeping Nova even though I’m building mine as mostly human forms, and Nova’s good for fly for the ‘Shade unless you like teleport/and or pick another pool for your travel power.

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