Weekend summary

As noted here, dinged Hype/Syn to 37 and 38 this week, and picked up Greater Ice Sword on Hype, because I just didn’t feel like getting Weave.
Jackie, left to her own devices, has been teaming up with a bunch of the other recent 50’s and has gotten her new Peacebringer up to 10th, working with them.
Someone more impressive, she started a new Warshade yesterday who, as of yesterday, was level 8. Yowza.
Meanwhile, my squid-in-a-fleshbag languishes in the interests of the characters I know a lot better. 🙂
We check into the hospital tonight, The plot that will beautifully take HT and Scorpia out of the public eye during this tumultuous time should be advancing this evening and tomorrow, cuz we’re so darn prepared.
To all the game folks — I’ll see you when things normalize a bit.


  1. *ponders* Did I blink and miss the plot development or was this some forum thing that I haven’t kept up on?

  2. The reporter snooping around Dark Scorpia — he’s a bad guy… and then…
    well, it’ll be posted.

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