1. Some folks don’t want to have the Vidiotmaps exe go in and swap in the Vidiotmaps version of the zone maps, for whatever reason — to have them hacked.
    That’s all I meant.

  2. Ahhh….
    Why ever not?
    I mean that is the best part about the Vidiot maps.

  3. I can understand a reluctance to hack actual game files. (And, in theory, that could let Cryptic/NCSoft off the hook for any problems you’re having with your game, or even boot your account if they were feeling suicidally officious.)
    That said, Vidiotmaps rocks.

  4. Bah! Weaklings! Simply memorize all of the badge and plaque locations! *grins*
    I have yet to actually use vidiot maps, I suppose I probably should someday with the CoV stuff at least to make finding the plaques and badges easier. CoH, just don’t seem to need it now, know where the stuff is too well.
    Of course, I can’t remember my own phone number so I think I may be using up brain-space that was originally designation for other purposes…

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