You know what?

I’ve been out of the house all day. In the mountains, with no frelling cellular reception.
No one told me this crap was going to happen today.
In fact, I specifically ASKED for NOTHING to happen until the middle of this week when P1 and I would be back to a fairly normal schedule (he doesn’t even have EMAIL access until tomorrow), so that we could open up the leadership discussion and figure out how to do this RIGHT.
I wasn’t consulted on any of this.
People want to blame me for this mess?
Fine. Fuck em. Fuck you, if you’re one of em. I wasn’t even in town.
I had a plan — it involved working out a plan with all the affected groups. It involved a clear and open explanation to the playerbase. I had it all laid out and it was agreed that it was the best way to go.
And while I was logged out of the game, trying to be a host and tour guide, people went and did everything fucking wrong.
And I get blamed for it. Fucking fine. I’m done.