In which someone pats me on the back without realizing it.

Another fun Firefly moment:
I’m on a mailing list for the Risus RPG (which most of y’all had the opportunity to mess with a few weekends ago). Well, as silly as Kringle in Time is, some people actually use Risus to run fairly serious stuff, and one of the more popular topics of discussion right now is the year-long Play By e-Mail “Firefly Risus” game that someone’s running — there’s been a LOT of discussion about how to represent not only the canon characters and stuff, but on how to run a game set in the Firefly universe in general.
The best part for me was a couple days ago, when some guy I don’t know (and who doesn’t know me, or even know I’m on the list) piped up and said:
“One suggestion I have: no Firefly game of any kind, using either canon or non-canon characters, in any system, should go anywhere at all until the people creating it have had a chance to check out — it’s just invaluable.”
So… cue a big grin from me.
Because that… comments like that, from fans or near-fans, or writers or gamers… that’s just. exactly. why. I. built. the. site.

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