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Largely ignored update from the most recent patch

Resorted order of availability for Tanker melee powers. Swapped 3rd and 4th power so Tankers can get a 3rd melee power by level 4.

Huh. Wierd.

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In the case of SS, that means that the first four powers are:
Lvl 1 – Jab
Lvl 2 – Punch
Lvl 4 – Haymaker
Lvl 10 – Taunt
So, plenty of punching, no formal Taunting, until Level 10. Interesting. Next secondary (Hand Clap) doesn’t become available until 16. Other secondary sets have a similar setup.
I assume the idea is to incease Tanker damage early, so as to make them a more attractive set. I suppose that makes sense.

But…. It makes taunting and aggro control at lower levels harder? What the frick? Isn’t taunt sort of.. I don’t know.. the whole POINT of being a tank?!?

Well, there’s always Punch-voke and Bite-Me auras that help with that. Fact is, most 4th level tankers don’t know diddly about Taunting as a tactic, and are (with their groups) probably better served by having another attack early.
I guess. I have one long-term tank, and it’s been many moons since I had one on the 4-10 level range.

Levels 1-10 don’t matter anyhow, you can cruise them in a couple hours and there’s no debt.

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