Okay, I can finally do an Ice/* tank…

City of Heroes: Defense Scaling

Ice Tankers and SR Scrappers have long lamented that Defense doesn’t scale with level. Because mobs higher level than a player possess an inherent to hit bonus, Defense isn’t as effective over levels as Resistance.
A while ago, peoople have requested something be done. Well, we’ve done a bunch of work and done this. Defense powers will now work equally well against critters, regardless of their rank or level. For instance, your defense powers will work equally well against a Boss or any critter up to 5 levels higher than you, as it does for an equal level minion. This change has no effect on a player who does not have any Defense.
This change is coming in I7

Holy CRAP! I mean… HOLY CRAP! That’s…
The first question out of everyone’s mouth was ‘what about bubbles?”
Seems like…
Well, this may be wishful thinking, but he said, “This change has no effect on a player who does not have any Defense.” The converse of that would be that it DOES have effect on a player that has ANY form of Defense. Be it Power Pool, buff placed on him by a teammate, SR Secondary, Force Field Primary or whatever.
Seems like. Programmers are a shifty, inherenty lazy lot (*looks shifty and inherently lazy as a sign of solidarity*), and doing anything other than making all the defense on a player work the same way would be *harder*.
I mean… wow. This is huge. Pummelcite’s going to be happy. P-siren’s gonna be happy. PUCK’s gonna be happy. Strat’s going to be happy…
Lots of happy.
*rolls up and Ice Armor Tank, since they won’t be so friggin’ broken anymore! Woo!


  1. You have to delete someone unless you’re rolling him off Champion! 😀

  2. Last night I met a toon whose name was japanese for Glorious Squid.

  3. Augh.
    I deleted my Ice Tanker a few months ago. Perhaps I built the Trout incorrectly?
    Ah well. Perhaps it is time to try Tanking again.

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