Planning Stages

Trying to put together a team for the Manticore TF for tonight — *nudge nudge*. (Yeah, I know — I’m trying to organize it on the forums instead of via email… I’m a rebel.)
If nothing else, need a few more people to help start it for the folks who actually want to run it — I’m sure the four we’ve already got can actually do it.
That said… maybe there are alternatives?
Synapse, 15ish-21ish (BYO-toon)
Sister Spooky, 20ish-25ish (*might* be able to get Gilly up to 20 fast enough this late-afternoon to do that — Tessa could come! Pre-adolescent-palooza!)
The second SF thing on Champion’s Darkside? Which… actually, I’m pretty sure I can’t do that yet, thanks in part to a couple KK-induced faceplants in the last few days with Markov.


  1. D20 game tonight, so I will not be able to make it. 🙂

  2. I can help you start a TF tonight, certainly. May try to see what other trouble I can get into in terms of finishing other story arcs and doing Noelle-y RP stuff, but I can be around if you need me. Don’t think Slip’s in the range for the second SF in CoV, though Sath may be high enough to do the first one.

  3. I’ll have you know that I made the suggestion about running Sister Psyeche or Synapse before I saw you’d already made same here. Either work for us.
    Aaaaand … I suppose we need (now that Margie has her video card) to fire up the CoV side of things again. So that we can play with people over there, too.

  4. I am really hating the not having fridays and saturdays off now. So, whats the chance of a TF of some type on Sunday afternoon/evening-ish?

  5. I still need to actually catch up on the forums, but I can try to login over the next couple nights ( Sat & Sun ) to see if things are happening and people need one of mine to get things rolling.

  6. Sorry, this weekend was busy. I didn’t get a chance to log in much. This having a life thing is getting in the way of my rampant geekery.

  7. Apathy keeps getting in the way of mine. I logged in for a little bit on Saturday, but just wasn’t in the mood to tonight. *sighs* Need to start playing more, especially my lowbie alts and get back on the whole recruiting drive bit.

  8. We had a great time on Sunday, unexpectedly, with the Hostess Heroes over on Freedom. So much fun — need to write something up for them…

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