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“…the bowsprite is no place for me.”

New Phalanx Tribunal Member.
For a bit of synchronity, today is one-year-exactly since Hang Time joined the Phalanx in the first place. End of an annum, if not an era.

11 replies on ““…the bowsprite is no place for me.””

*looks around*
I like it here. I like the… *waves hand* whachacallit. Ficus. That’s a nice t–
You guys get TIVO?!? Damn…
… can… can I get caught up on Lost and Veronica Mars?

I find I just don’t care anymore. I’m happy to play when someone gives me a poke and says, “Hey you, I’d like to RP and run around with you,” but otherwise I just don’t log in.
I guess I may be OC because I go in ‘care’ cycles. For a while, it seems crucial that I get a certain toon to 30, 40, 50, whatever, or finish a storyline. Right now I’m being all OC about my professional writing and wanting to get it all sorted by someone far more business savvy than me. I just write the stuff; I can’t possibly know the best thing to do with all of it. So until I get that all squared away, I’m unlikely to give a rat’s ass about anything else. I know myself.

Ana, I think that’s called “having a life.” And it’s a good thing.
((Good luck with the other stuff, though — let me know if you need any advice!))

I tried to get a life once. I put on pants and everything. Then when I got all the way down to the store, they told me someone was already Batman. 🙁
((Mwahaha, that’s a dangerous offer ’cause I might ask for some.))

I am guessing that this was the post I was supposed to have already read… *coughs* Damn it, now who am I supposed to bitch and grumble too.

Damn it, now who am I supposed to bitch and grumble too. The tall guy with the big knife.

You and 76-player are too nice of people to grumble too. You are all reasonable and stuff.
Strategist was supposed to be the scary-mean-bastard who we sic’ed on people to get them in-line ( not that we ever did point him at anyone that I can remember ).
Now Patriot One is stuck being the grumpy old man again. *sighs*

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