Week in Review

Roster changes, mostly, with some stuff going on.

Hang Time
(Level: 50)
Need to do the thing with the thing. 🙂

(Level: 50 (new))
Child-husks, bereft of souls.
Half-angel, half-human. Are they heroes, blessed with the gifts (soul and grace of god) from both parents, or abominations bereft of either?
Or both?
Well, that’s the big question.

In other news, Hype’s putting his life back together. One comment I liked: “I like that it’s not happening quickly — that it’s taking him real time to get things worked out — that he’s not just ‘okay’.”
Yeah… me too.

And oh yeah, he’s in the Big Brother/Sister program at the Skyway Community Rec Center. 🙂 Apparently. 🙂

What’s to say? He dinged 50 yesterday and has piles of game content still waiting. I’m looking forward to lots of good stuff with him in the future.
And I haven’t done the Eden Trial in a while 🙂

(Level: 33)
Pretty much a coin-flip stage about whether or not to keep this toon around. Like the costume, like the powers… there’s just always someone better to play, isn’t there?

(level: 32)
… for example, this guy.
Need to get John going again. I haven’t heard “oooooh” over an eight-man team comm in FAR TOO LONG. 🙂

(level: 19)
NEED to hook Gilly up with Lil Tessa… and then team up with Psi-Clone 🙂 WHeeeee…

(Level: 22)
Ran a few missions, did a little RP, both in-team and with a random-tell-person… Virtue is awesome for that.
Upgraded to SO’s. REALLY want to run some missions now.

(Level: 18)
No play or RP.

Shade Dancer


Deleted On the chopping block. I need another solo-play toon like I need stainless steel stilleto heels.*

Thadeus Shiver (Ice/Ice Dominator)
(Level 6)
No play or RP. I actually found him a bit easier to play as an Ice/Storm Controller. Need to compare and contrast. We’ll see.

Markov Chain
(Level 18)
Had some fun playing and RPing Markov on Wednesday — smoked an all-orange/red Longbow mission with Shadowslip (ignoring one bad fight), and … I just love getting into the head of career killers. So very broken. They don’t know what they need, but they always know what they want.

Lucian Strange
(Level 18: ((New)))
(Speaking of a bad-ass soloing toon.)
Amazing to me how a substandard secondary (Super Reflexes) can really suck with on Primary (Martial Arts) and shine with another (Broadsword).
Really looking forward to a good “magic” story with him.
Huh. Storm Knights. Maybe…
Huh. 🙂

Some kind of Mind/* controller for FOUND house. I find myself with some open slots, all of a sudden.

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  1. Will miss Shade Dancer as the toon was just insane but I can understand that. I need to decide if I am keeping my Warshade or not still.
    Hell, I just need to actually bite the bullet and actually finally log back in still.

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