Okay, so a conversation with Kate that really shouldn’t have reminded me of this, reminded me of this: Some folks put no small effort into working up characters for Heroquest, to do Xian Quan.
Do we (and by we I mean ‘those of you that did that work’) want to try to do it anyway? Remotely, via one of the free chat-like-clients that handle chatting and dice-rolls and stuff? Maybe once a week or something?
Post: yea or nay — my feelings won’t be hurt either way.


  1. I can do it…just not while at work since IRC is blocked here.

  2. Mal…
    I could DEFINITELY find at least ONE more virtual chair. 🙂
    Go look at the link, read the little background thing, and we’ll talk 🙂

  3. I would be up for doing it via IRC. I was going to suggest it as a PbEM but IRC is probably more social and might be easier to do. Not certain. *shrugs* This does mean I need to finish tweaking my character though.. Doh..

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